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Doctor Lerne summary Doctor Lerne , series Doctor Lerne , book Doctor Lerne , pdf Doctor Lerne , Doctor Lerne 61019bd53c Often Hailed As The Best French Science Fiction Writer Of The Early Th Century, Maurice Renard Coined The Term Scientific Marvel Fiction To Pen A Series Of Gripping, Ground Breaking Stories That Owe As Much To Edgar Allan Poe As They Do To H G Wells Until Now, Renard Was Best Known To The English Speaking Public For His Thrice Filmed Thriller, The Hands Of Orlac Dedicated To Wells, Maurice Renard S Doctor Lerne Features A Mad Scientist Who Performs Organ Transplants Not Only Between Men And Animals, But Also With Plants, And Even Machines It Is The First Of A Series Of Five Volumes, Translated And Annotated By Brian Stableford, Devoted To Presenting The Classic Works Of This Pioneering Giant Of French Science Fiction This Volume Also Includes Mr Dupont S Vacation , A Story About Dinosaurs Returning To Life, And Renard S Revolutionary Manifesto On Scientific Marvel Fiction

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    This volume, the first of five planned to collect the complete scientific marvel fiction of Maurice Renard, includes a story, Monsieur Dupont s Vacation , a novel which shares the book s title, and an essay, Scientific Marvel Fiction and its Effect on the Consciousness of Progress.Monsieur Dupont, a maker of sewing machines and bicycles, receives an invitation from his friend Professor Gambertin to holiday in Les Ormes for a season Gambertin is an amateur palaeontologist, and caught up in his enthusiasm Dupont spends his holiday digging for dinosaur bones But what s been nibbling at the bushes Doctor Lerne is a Moreauvian figure working to graft parts from one species to another, from animals to plants, from humans to animals When a nephew comes to visit it interferes with his plans both scientific and romantic, and the outcome can only be tragic.Renard writes extremely well, and there s a sly wit in evidence throughout There s Flaubertian mockery of the scientific mindset, and Moliere s delight in flim flam and doubletalk But for all that he can be surprisingly brutal to his characters.As with Brian Stableford s other translations for Black Coat Press there s an exceptionally useful amount of apparatus.

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    After reading this book and The Hands of Orlac before it I m definitely keen on the idea of reading by Maurice Renard.The story, Doctor Lerne, is upper echelon stuff well, perhaps except for the happenings near the end which translator Brian Stableford rightly labels manifestly absurd It s quite Moreau like and Renard even dedicates the book to H.G Wells additionally, he cites the English author in the text of Lerne by referring to Wells s Martians Lerne goes farther than Moreau in its scientific extrapolation It must have been considered kind of R Rated for the time what with its sexual content and gruesomeness The novel is full of twists and turns.Bonus material in this edition _M.R s Monsieur Dupont s Vacation fiction _M.R s Scientific Marvel Fiction and it s Effect on the Consciousness of Progress one of the 1st detailed essays on the burgeoning genre in which Wells, once again, is mentioned prominently _Mr Stableford s Intro, Afterword and annotations which are in particularly top form, even for him.

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    Muy al estilo de La isla del doctor Moreau Muy entretenido aunque es muy dif cil quitarse la imagen mental de la referencia a la obra ya mencionada

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    Ejemplo de literatura fantastica hecha ciencia ficci n Es hermoso de cabo a rabo, el final, alucinante El mejor libro que he leido este a o, lo recomiendo amplisimamente.

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    Nicol s the principal character feels too much like Victor Frankenstein, an eerie pussiness innate in bouth of them truly makes me hate them.Another pussy narrator in a mad scientist storyI ll continue to wait for a mad scientist to admire.In respect of the book is truly awesome, the questions that raises about personality and brain, body and soul are just to much fun to let them slip.The combination of ocultism with the progress in science are a worhty representant of his generation.

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