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    4.5 s I d tended to view farmers predicaments as a function of personal choice They choose to work with nature, so why are they surprised when the elements misbehave. I even theorised that they brought it upon themselves If they stopped sucking the rivers dry, maybe the weather would be kinder to them. It took a late spring dust storm in Jandowae for me to understand the devastating cumulative effect of arbitrary meteorological events on farmers And in particular, their effect on my farmer, who struggled so valiantly to respect the natural resources with which he worked Love in the Age of Drought is the first book by Australian author, Fiona Higgins When Sydney philanthropy executive, Fiona Collins meets Queensland cotton farmer, Stuart Higgins, she doesn t have the slightest inkling of how radically her life will change Mere months later, this cemented city girl is stunned to find herself uprooting her life, moving to outback Queensland and becoming part of the Jandowae community.When Higgins describes the man who will later become her husband, it s not too hard to understand why she did Altruistic, environmentally responsible...

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    Thoroughly enjoyed Fiona s story of how she met Stuart, their incredibly different lives and backgrounds, and their compelling love for each other.Stuart Higgins was a cotton farmer in South East Queensland, where the nearest town to his property, Gebar, was a little place called Jandowae, with a population of 750 When Fiona met him first, at a conference in Melbourne, Stuart s farm was in the grip of it s fourth year of drought, and his cotton crop looked like failing again if rains didn t come very soon.The strain of distance, Fiona s career, which involved her travelling overseas a lot of the time, and the drought, eventually caused Fiona to put everything on the line, her life in Sydney, her career, her futureand she moved to Stuart s farm.After the initial struggle with the heat, the wildlife frogs in the toilet, snakes in the kitchen she began to fall in love with rural life She was able to meet the locals, enjoy dinner at other farms, be overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone she met, and even, eventually, to participate in the Jandowae Show, by cooking scones and winning 1st prize But she also realized that farming wasn t quite as simple as she, as a city girl, had imagined This delightful story about the city meeting the country is written with humour I was chucklin...

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    When I first started reading this I hadn t taken notice that is was Fiona s own story about how she met her husband and their first few years together It was only when Fiona me Stuart Higgins that it clicked That does not stop it from being a truly wonderful story about how love concurs all Fiona was a very brave girl giving up her life in the city to move to the country lock stock and barrel without being 100% sure that it would work out Country towns are h...

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    This book was an excellent read Having grown up in South East Qld and have first hand contact with cotton farmers, I found it easy to relate to the story of the struggle of drought and whether to keep going or try something else I also enjoyed hearing Fiona s...

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    I read the Mothers Group by Fiona and absolutely loved it so I couldn t wait to read this book, however, it dragged on so much I found it very difficult to finish and had to push myself to keep reading until the end.

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    Excellent captivating read Auto biography I was enthralled Fiona Themes of Love Work Modern Relationships Rural Australia Running Resilience Started me off following this Australian author I have read all her novels too

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this Aussie true story.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this non fiction work.It is basically a romance, but it is far, far than that A Sydneyite meets a cotton farmer from Western Queensland.An unlikely connection begins between Fiona and Stuart and it grows into much .The book gives the reader an insight into how difficult life can be for Australian farmers.Prejudices we may have about water usage on cotton crops is put into context and as the reader, I found myself appreciating how difficult it is to be a responsible water user on a farm.The dependence on the weather is really brought home and a realisation that rain at the wrong time can be almost as devastating as no rain at all.As a city dweller myself, no rain just means I have to...

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    I chose this book because I felt that Fiona s story mimicked my own life in many places I was a young career driven woman, who didn t know the back end of a cow from the front, that fell in love with a man from the land Moving to a farm, albeit a cattle farm in my situation, was a whole new world for me, one I have now embraced and can t imagine living life any other way I was raised in the area...

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    As a resident of South East Queensland, I chuckled a bit at the author s at times misguided geography, but apart from that, this was a pretty good read I think that the lessons taught in this book about the true price of agriculture and the way farming really works in Aust...

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Love in The Age of Drought download Love in The Age of Drought , read online Love in The Age of Drought , kindle ebook Love in The Age of Drought , Love in The Age of Drought 44ec82d75c2f When Fiona Collins Meets Stuart Higgins At A Leadership Conference In Melbourne, She Isn T Looking For A Relationship, Let Alone The Upheaval Of Falling In Love With An Intelligent, Eco Friendly Cotton Farmer From South East Queensland.But That S Exactly What S On The Cards When Stuart Sends Fiona A Pair Of Crusty Old Boots And A Declaration Of Love 16 Days Into Their Fledgling Relationship, It S The Start Of A Love Story That Endures In Spite Of Distance, The Strain Of Stuart S Cotton Farm Entering Its Fourth Year Of Drought, And Fiona S Issues With Commitment.Something S Got To Give, And Eventually Fiona Makes The Life Changing Decision To Move From Her Comfortable Sydney Life To Stuart S Farm Where The Nearest Township Is Jandowae, Population 700.Here, Fiona Must Become Accustomed To Snakes On The Doorstep, Frogs In The Toilet, Feral Cats In The Roof, And The Perils Of The Bush Telegraph Gradually, She Begins To Love Her Life On The Land And Finds The Courage To Face Her Fears But As Stuart Struggles To Balance Environmental And Commercial Realities, She Realises That Farming Isn T Quite As Simple As She First Imagined Ultimately, Fiona Has To Learn How To Cope With The Devastating Impact Of The Drought That Grips The Countryside, And What It Means For Stuart, The Farm And Their Future Together.Love In The Age Of Drought Is A Delightful Fish Out Of Water Story About The City Rural Culture Clash Overcome By The Course Of True Love Written With Heart And Humour, It S Also A Moving Tribute To Country Australia S Strength And Capacity For Survival And Renewal Amid A Drought That Won T Be Broken.