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Animals files Animals, read online Animals, free Animals, free Animals, Animals d16cb1b2b A Novel Of Confusion And Paranoia, Love And Doubt, Fear And Hysteria Unsettling, Unhinged, Provocative And Bestially Funny, Animals Is For Human Beings Everywhere.Keith Ridgway S Third Novel Is A Psychological Menagerie Of Confusion, Paranoia, Searching And Love Narrated By An Illustrator Who Can No Longer Draw, It Tells Of The Sudden And Inexplicable Collapse Of A Private Life, And The Subsequent Stubborn Search For A Place From Which To Take Stock We Are Surrounded Here By Unsafe Or Haunted Buildings, By Artists And Capitalists Who Flirt With Terror, By Writers And Actresses And The Deals They Have Made With Unreality, And By The Artificial, Utterly Constructed, Scripted City In Which We Have Agreed To Live Out A Version Of Living But There Are Cracks In The Facade, And There Are Stirrings Under The Floorboards, And There Are Animals Everywhere You Look, If Only You D Dare To Look For Them.Unsettling, Unhinged, Provocative And Richly Funny, Animals Is For Human Beings Everywhere.

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    Animals is a surreal portrait of a man in the midst of a meltdown, lost in a shifting, primal, terrifying version of London in which menacing dogs lurk on street corners, exotic creatures congregate in darkened parks, and sighting the corpse of a mouse triggers an existential crisis I ve mentioned this a few different places now, but this book has a great first page, one that really sets the tone for the rest of the story It meaning both the first page and the book is playful, willfully weird and often properly funny challenging yet as compulsive as the finest genre fiction Ridgway is fantastic at folding together the reader s assumptions and the narrator s unreliability and creating a story from the tension in the space b...

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    A challenging read that I actually wanted to finish

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    Ridgway damn near forfeits his thin reputation with a tedious creative writing exercise at the outset a nineteen page encounter with a dead mouse and the narrator s attempt to poke it Very serious and devoid of laughs, this chapter nearly forced me to chuck the book, but I slogged on, driven by the fact that this dead mouse was obviously the last verifiable element of reality in the book Animals is one of those alternately absorbing and infuriating what the feck is going on novels like Hunger, The Third Policeman, or Other People, where banal reality is plunged into dread on a regular basis, and you come to the last page with no resolution to anything It s the author s game here, and woe betide you, the mere reader, to try to unpack or unveil anything put before you So here we have a narrator whose very gender seems a mystery until about page 105 though his partner K remains genderless throughout , a cartoonist freaked by a dead mouse who soon visits a friend, goes for a swim, shows up at his flat all incidents punctuated by disaster or an event of sheer dread Even the appearance of a lone dog becomes a sort of nightmare, and I have to say that Ridgway expertly reports these moments, they re still with me now.Things get odder, and the narrator makes no bones of his unreliability by constantly reporting his indecision about what really happened, what he really saw and did As the nightmare becomes all encompassing toward the end was there a murder a real trip inside a wealthy a...

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    A man sees a dead mouse in a gutter He finds it strangely moving a signifier of something meaningful, but he can t work out why or what We follow his stream of consciousness through a number of unusual experiences and interactions a friend who tells him about a haunted office building, a meeting with a famous actress and a terrifying incident in a swimming pool, amongst others And every so often he catches sight of a sinister black dog, quite possibly only visible to him.But how much of this is a construct of his own mind and how much of it is real This is a remarkable book, by turns hilarious, shocking and ultimately both disconcerting and sad It reminded me of a couple of other books that I ve read and enjoyed, particularly Ishiguro s The Unconsoled and Christopher Priest s The Affirmation The me...

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    3.5 stars This could have been a 5 star This story of a sensitive soul who begins to slip from reality after sharing a moment with a dead mouse and having a loopy falling out with his boyfriend was quite moving, and an extraordinary piece of writing If it had remained at this personal, intimate level, it would have been a profound illustration of the fragility of sel...

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    I gave up on this one Although the peculiar lack of any realistic psychological motivation for the events in the story was intriguing at first, it fast became a predictable device that seemed to have no point and the coy way in which the writer insistently doesn...

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    Interesting, odd book Ends quite abruptly But I did like the story What the hell was actually going on I have no idea But I liked it Was K a man or a woman What the hell happened It has made me want to read of Ridgeway s work.

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    Will not be prodding any dead mice soon

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