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Angels of Desire summary Angels of Desire , series Angels of Desire , book Angels of Desire , pdf Angels of Desire , Angels of Desire f7bae90b4a The Idea That The Human Body Consists Of Subtle Bodies Psycho Spiritual Essences Can Be Found In A Variety Of Esoteric Traditions This Radical Form Of Selfhood Challenges The Dualisms At The Heart Of Western Discourse Mind Body, Divine Human, Matter Spirit, Reason Emotion, I Other Angels Of Desire Explores The Aesthetics And Ethics Of Subtle Bodies What Emerges Is An Understanding Of Embodiment Not Exclusively Tied To Materiality The Book Examines The Use Of Subtle Bodies Across A Range Of Traditions, Yogic, Tantric, Theosophical, Hermetic And Sufi Angels Of Desire Shows The Relevance Of The Subtle Body For Religion, Philosophy, Art History And Contemporary Feminist Religious Studies And Theories Of Desire

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