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!!> Reading ➳ Essential LINQ (Microsoft .NET Development Series) ➬ Author Charlie Calvert – Dcrjservices.co.uk chapter 1 Essential LINQ (Microsoft .NET Development Series), meaning Essential LINQ (Microsoft .NET Development Series), genre Essential LINQ (Microsoft .NET Development Series), book cover Essential LINQ (Microsoft .NET Development Series), flies Essential LINQ (Microsoft .NET Development Series), Essential LINQ (Microsoft .NET Development Series) 0b074ecc80480 Charlie And Dinesh Bring Important Skills To This Project That Enable Them To Show How LINQ Works And The Practical Ways You Can Use It In Your Daily Development Process From The Foreword By Anders Hejlsberg LINQ Is One Of Microsoft S Most Exciting, Powerful New Development Technologies Essential LINQ Is The First LINQ Book Written By Leading Members Of Microsoft S LINQ And C Teams Writing For Architects, Developers, And Development Managers, These Microsoft Insiders Share Their Intimate Understanding Of LINQ, Revealing New Patterns And Best Practices For Getting The Most Out Of It Calvert And Kulkarni Begin By Clearly Explaining How LINQ Resolves The Long Time Impedance Mismatch Between Object Oriented Code And Relational Databases Next, They Show How LINQ Integrates Querying Into C As A First Class Citizen Using Realistic Code Examples, They Show How LINQ Provides A Strongly Typed, IntelliSense Aware Technology For Working With Data From Any Source, Including SQL Databases, XML Files, And Generic Data Structures Calvert And Kulkarni Carefully Explain LINQ S Transformative, Composable, And Declarative Capabilities By Fully Illuminating These Three Concepts, The Authors Allow Developers To Discover LINQ S Full Power In Addition To Covering Core Concepts And Hands On LINQ Development In C With LINQ To Objects, LINQ To XML, LINQ To SQL, And LINQ To Entities, They Also Present Advanced Topics And New LINQ Implementations Developed By The LINQ Community This Book Explains The Entire Lifecycle Of A LINQ Project Design, Development, Debugging, And Much Teaches LINQ From Both A Practical And Theoretical Perspective Leverages C Language Features That Simplify LINQ Development Offers Developers Powerful LINQ Query Expressions To Perform Virtually Any Data Related Task Teaches How To Query SQL Databases For Objects And How To Modify Those Objects Demonstrates Effective Use Stored Procedures And Database Functions With LINQ Shows How To Add Business Logic That Reflects The Specific Requirements Of Your Organization Teaches Developers To Create, Query, And Transform XML Data With LINQ Shows How To Transform Object, Relational, And XML Data Between Each Other Offers Best Patterns And Practices For Writing Robust, Easy To Maintain LINQ Code

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    This is no good The author is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer and spends half the book explaining what he s just explained and what he ll explain next.There are books which explain everything over thoroughly over and over again, and then there are books which assume the reader has some basic knowledge as well as intelligence so they can be bothered only with the new and i...