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    So our little brain worms have grown up, becoming a mosquito swarm that will spread the lobotomizing parasites through Japan In this second of three volumes, Tetsuya Tsutsui gives us context on who brought them out of Africa, and what exactly they do to the human mind It s still a disturbing read, but the quirks of the characters tone down and the use of gore is less effective The story itself out, evident in the overuse of exaggerated faces It s funny, because this also features by far some of the best art of the series, including one panel of an Escher like perspective drawing, the panel itself drawn from a skewed perspective In general, you can see how the art is at its best in minimalism, with use of shadow, or a hand trying to crawl from around a door When you don t see it all, it s viciously effective This one earned huge credit for, in sequential chapters, teasing and dismissing a ridiculous fate for one of the characters, and then going ahead and doing something even ridiculous The fundamental and unspoken humor in this thing persists, in increasingly subtle forms that constantly act to disarm.

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    Bio terrorism has now entered the field, this is getting good We get a glimpse of our characters , my favorite is Inoue so far The art is splendid aswell, it actually adds to the atmosphere.

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    This is my kind of manga It s horrorific, and creepy with an act of bioterrorism Definitely check it out.

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