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    Kindness is a competent and fairly comprehensive account of the evolutionary origins of altruism Although the logic of natural selection might indicate otherwise many acts of kindness and generosity we find throughout the natural world need be nomysterious thanobvious aspects of form and function.

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    I read this book along with 4 others about altruism This book was written in 2004, while the others were written a decade later, and focus on the underlying neuroscience It was hard for me to accept the scientific validity of this author s conclusion Nonetheless, to be fair, I will reread this book , I did not absorb much of it, but, it is valuable to understand the social group expression of altruism.

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Kindness In A Cruel World: The Evolution Of Altruism summary pdf Kindness In A Cruel World: The Evolution Of Altruism, summary chapter 2 Kindness In A Cruel World: The Evolution Of Altruism, sparknotes Kindness In A Cruel World: The Evolution Of Altruism, Kindness In A Cruel World: The Evolution Of Altruism 33de868 What Do Mutual Grooming, Politeness, Priestly Celibacy, Military Heroism, Car Insurance, And Overwork Have In Common All Are Probable Examples Of The Recently Discovered Evolutionary Mechanism Called Reciprocal Altruism Put Simply, The Concept Means, You Scratch My Back And I Ll Scratch Yours Although Rare In Animals, Reciprocal Altruism Colors Much Of Human Emotion And Social Behavior Over The Course Of Our Evolutionary History We Humans Have Developed A Great Variety Of Social Contracts Ranging From Food Sharing Among Hunter Gatherers To Observing The Rules Of The Road In Contemporary Society In A Lively, Fascinating Discussion That Explores The Behaviors Of Bees, Bats, And Humans In Various Normal And Deviant Social Settings Evolutionary Psychologist Nigel Barber Explains The Evolutionary Basis Of These Wide Ranging PhenomenaBeginning With Darwin S Theory, Barber Shows How The Original Notion Of A Dog Eat Dog World Where Survival Of The Fittest Is The Only Rule Must Now Be Modified By The New Findings On Altruism In Bees, For Example, The Workers Evolve Without Reproductive Ability And Exist Only For The Good Of The Hive And The Propagation Of The Queen Bee S Genes In Addition, Vampire Bats Will Spontaneously Share Food Through Regurgitation, Evidently So That The Favor Will Be Returned When Food Sources Are ScarceIn Humans, Reciprocal Arrangements Depend On Trust, So Moral Emotions, Like Guilt, Embarrassment, Resentment, And Pride, Have Evolved To Guard Against The Temptation To Cheat, Which Would Destroy The Basis Of Trust On Which So Much Depends The Evolution Of Such Emotions May Also Lead To Exceptionally Self Sacrificial Behavior In Some Individuals, Whether This Takes The Form Of Priestly Celibacy, A Soldier Jumping On A Hand Grenade To Save His Buddies, Or The Donation Of A Kidney Barber Brings The Revealing Insights Of Evolutionary Psychology To These Examples And , And Delves Into Related Issues Including Sex Differences In Kindness, New Approaches To Rehabilitating Criminals, The Connection Of Kindness To Health, And The Political Manifestations Of Altruism In The Environmental MovementFull Of Stimulating Ideas Expressed In Lucid Prose, Kindness In A Cruel World Presents A Compelling Case That The Desire To Help Others And The Spirit Of Cooperation Are Fundamental To Our Human Evolutionary Inheritance

  • Hardcover
  • 415 pages
  • Kindness In A Cruel World: The Evolution Of Altruism
  • Nigel Barber
  • English
  • 26 March 2018
  • 1591022282

About the Author: Nigel Barber

Nigel Barber is an evolutionary psychologist and writer With an undergraduate degree in English from Trinity College, Dublin, he studied psychology at Hunter College of the City University of New York and received his Ph.D., in Biopsychology, in 1989 He taught psychology for eight years at Bemidji State University in Minnesota and at Birmingham Southern College He now works as a freelance writer and researcher.Dr Barber has held professional memberships in the American Psychological Association, the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, the Animal Behavior Society, and the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology His honors include an American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Award, a Distinguished Student Award, and a fellowship from the Gruter Institute He is listed in Who s Who in the South and Southwest, Who s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Strath s Who s Who, and Who s Who in the 21st Century He is frequently interviewed as an expert on topics related to marriage and sexuality by journalists around the globe His research has been featured in numerous newspaper articles e g., Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Times magazines e g., Vogue, In Touch , and television stories including a 2012 Discover article profiling his extensive pioneering research on marriage markets around the globe He is often interviewed on radio here and in England and was invited to appear on Bloomberg television and Morgan Freeman s science program His clear exposition of scientific ideas resulted in blog posts being republished in English as a second language textbooks in Germany and Japan.Beginning as an animal behaviorist, Barber has focused his recent research activities in evolutionary psychology His fields of interest include sexual and reproductive behavior, and religion, as they vary across societies and over time A prolific researcher with over 60 first author peer reviewed publications, see Bibliography section for selection , he has published in many professional journals including The Quarterly Review of Biology, Animal Behaviour, Teaching of Psychology, The Journal of Social Psychology, Sex Roles, Evolution and Human Behavior, The Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, Cross Cultural Research, International Journal of Eating Disorders, Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, Intelligence, Journal of Happiness Studies, Evolutionary Psychology, Aggressive Behavior, Social Biology, Journal of Genius and Eminence, and Aggression and Violent Behavior among others He is an editorial reviewer for Cross Cultural Research, Human Nature, and Evolutionary Psychology, among other journals He popularizes science in a blog at Psychology Today titled The Human Beast Barber is the author of several well received crossover books that were written to be intelligible to general readers He published Why Parents Matter Parental Investment and Child Outcomes as a trade book with Bergin and Garvey 2000 This book applied an evolutionary interpretation of parental investment to current social problems including teen pregnancy and juvenile crime The Science of Romance Prometheus, 2002 , which provided an evolutionary account of courtship and reproductive competition, won the Independent Publisher s award in psychology Kindness in a Cruel World Prometheus, 2004 developed an evolutionary explanation of altruism and antisocial behavior as a function of the different rearing conditions and parental investment prospects in societies around the world The Myth of Culture Why We Need a Genuine Natural Science of Societies Cambridge Scholars, 2008 proposes a radical reinterpretation of the social sciences as natural sciences where human behavior variation in different societies is conceived as an adaptive response to varied challenges and developmental histories The e book, Why Atheism Will Replace Religion 2012 explains why religion will decl