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!!> Epub ➢ Juniper Kai  ➡ Author Laura Gehl – Dcrjservices.co.uk chapter 1 Juniper Kai , meaning Juniper Kai , genre Juniper Kai , book cover Juniper Kai , flies Juniper Kai , Juniper Kai e04081675652e Juniper Kai Was Born To Be A Spy And While Spies Sometimes Work Alone, Juniper Has Always Been Able To Count On Her Mom And Dad To Fill In As Spy Partners Until Now Suddenly, Juniper S Parents Are Too Busy And Too Tired To Play With Her And When They Start Whispering Behind Juniper S Back And Making Secret Plans, She Knows Something Really Big Is Going On So Juniper Sets Out On A New Mission To Find Out Exactly What Her Parents Are Up To And The Answer Might Be Absolutely Spy Tacular

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    My five year old and I both loved this picture book The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is very cute and clever I know Juniper is going to do great on her biggest mission yet