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Winters Gift (La Bohème, #1) pdf Winters Gift (La Bohème, #1) , ebook Winters Gift (La Bohème, #1) , epub Winters Gift (La Bohème, #1) , doc Winters Gift (La Bohème, #1) , e-pub Winters Gift (La Bohème, #1) , Winters Gift (La Bohème, #1) 327f9981fd6 He S A Steely TycoonShe S An Elite Call Girl Both Have Sworn Off LoveWhen Anton And Anna Cross Paths Over The Winter Holidays,neither Can Deny That What They Share In Bed And Out Of It Is Truly SpecialBut It Threatens The Principle They Ve Been Living By For Years Don T Trust AnyoneThis Tender And Sexy Modern Cinderella Story Will Delight Fans Of Pretty Woman And Billionaire Romance Alike

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    4.25 5I went into this book expecting a light hearted love story, but surprisingly, it turned out to be a deep, emotional read This was my second time reading this author s book and I found myself falling in love with her writing style already It is so refreshing and full of flavor.This was a story of two broken hearted people overcame their painful pasts, and finally found the way to be able to love and trust again.There was depth to these main characters than I expected, especially Anna I must admit, at first, I didn t know what to think about her in the whole first half of the book It might be because in this part, the story was told from only Anton s point of view But in the second half, I found that I eventually understood her from her perspective And when I knew her past, it totally broke my heart I think dividing the book into two parts, Anton s thoughts and Anna s, is an interesting way to make the readers get to see this story through both of their eyes without switching back and forth between their viewpoints multiple times And in this case, it worked for me I really loved how the author made the characters believable, like a real person The story flowed nicely, effortlessly unfolded, and certainly didn t drag on.All in all, this was a bitter yet sweet love story Don t worry, there s a beautiful HEA

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    s Gift by Alix Nichols is the fifth book by the author that I have read and just like the previous books, I really enjoyed reading it The cover is attractive but I could not visualize Anton like the hero shown on the cover The blurb is intriguing and made me eager to start on the book right away I have come to enjoy and feel close to the Bistro La Boheme series and when I picked up Winter s Gift I was excited to read Anton s story whom I had met the first time in What If It s Love book which tells the story of his daughter, Lena Anton had come out as a ruthless businessman, loyal towards his family and over protective towards his daughter but in this book, I got to see a whole other side to his personality He is a man still incomplete and seeking true love which he gets when he meets Anna but is Anna truly his one true love Anna is a woman hurt and trying to fight the odds in her life When she meets Anton, she doesn t want to fall in love with him Why You need to read the book to know the answer to this I loved the totally unexpected twist and at first thought that I had misunderstood but that wasn t so This is a love story written differently which made me love it all the and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly Alix has come a long way from her first book, You re the One Her writing style is mature, engaging and a lot crisp She is daring with her books and takes risks in her stories which make her books different from the other conventional romances A very talented author, I am glad I have read her books and look forward to her future stories.All in all, Winter s Gift was a quick read which held my interest right till the end It made me smile, laugh, go all misty eyed and then fervently hope for a happily ever after for my two new favourite protagonists 4.5 out of 5 to it and strongly recommended to all romance lovers Go grab this book and enjoy reading a heartfelt romance with a twist.I received an ARC from the author and I am very thankful to her The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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    This book was so sweet I found here everything i was looking for great Man, girl with issues and blooming love.Anna is a call girl but she is very inteligent and she loves art that cought my Heart.Anton is a bilionaire that can have everything but he wants something that can not be his but what will happen if he try to get it For romance fans.

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    This was a nice and quick read Perfect for a lazy day I enjoyed the characters It was nice that they were able to connect and have a meaningful relationship in the end It was interesting how they met and what her job was However, I understand why she was doing it I m just glad that in the end they got together and she could quit that job.

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    A quick stellar read Romance was OTT and I loved both characters Great little plot and perfect writing Be mindful it s a Novella.

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    This is Alix Nichols first book I read and I enjoyed the story.Anna needs to undergo prostitution to get quick money for her mother s treatment, and Anton is one of her clients.When the relationship between them stops being just professional, can they trust each other I really liked the story and how it ended.

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    Winter s Gift is the second book in the Bistro La Boh me series that I read Falling for Emma and just like the first one, I absolutly LOVED it I liked the two main characters and I could care about them and their story quickly and deeply There is a lot for you to love in this book but here is what you need to know Strong, smart and charming character, Anton made me think of something rare and beautiful, a gift Anna couldn t stop herself from wanting in every way Though she never wanted something serious or romantic, she slowly realizes Anton is beyond everything she expected from men But can she trust herself with feelings she carefully avoided for so long What about her secrets and everything that she is For Anton, I could say it was love at first sight for me, at first words There was attraction, beauty and sincerity about the two of them It was also hot, sexy and amusing And of course really intense They were both so moving and realistic and I enjoyed their deep connection and complicity.The writing was perfect and beautiful The story was well developped and gripping I loved the sweet and light French romantism s touch I also wanted to know what would happen to Anton and Anna so much that I finished reading the book in less than five hours So this is a short read that you will appreciate easily and deeply I think you shouldn t miss this very good read that became one of my coup de coeur Alix gifts us a hot and unforgettable Romance about letting go of the past, accepting love and trusting the pure, passionnate and genuine attraction that was just demanding to be felt.Grab your copy of Winter s Gift now, you won t regret it Happy reading

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    Anton is a few rich and successful man with trust issues from his previous marriage Anna is an escort with high aquwithlllwa her own jilted past She s only moonlighting as an escort to get the money needed to help her mother receive the medical treatment needed to save her life, and of course out of poverty.Upon hearing Anna s voice, Anton becomes intrigued and attracted to Anna He s thrilled that at the end of the meeting that Anna gives him her number and info But he s dumbfounded to learn that she s an escort Going against his morals and rules of getting mixed up with that sort of person, he makes the decision to purchase her After vsrveral encounters with Anna He s angry and disgusted with him self and knows that he should end things with her, but bring himself to end things Inviting Anna to Paris, and wants to purchase Anna for an extended time, to keep her from her other clients When, Anna refuses his offer to protect her heart Anton becomes angry and sends her on her way Finally after about 2 months of being miserable She s ended her escorting career, since she has reached her carefully planned goal and her mother is now in remission Anna braves contacting Anton and sets up a meeting, to not only apologize and give an explanation She preys that he can forgive her and accept her new proposed arrangement between them to have a normal relationship, professing her love to him She completely stunned to discover that Anton had her background investigated, Anna is kind of hurt but grateful Then completely blown away when Anton proposes to her and professes his own love for her Great book, and fantastic ending to the most beautiful story.

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    Here are characters you can relate to the author gives us wonderful strong caring people who have had to deal with so much Both have to overcome so much before they can learn to live, love again This is a short wonderful read that grabs you and makes you believe in love again I loved Anna wit and charm she hooks Anton from the start all it took was one look and he knew he had to have her When she gave him her card I about spit everything out of my mouth I laughed so hard, that was truly a wonderful scene Anton was taken back had to rethink this women of his dreams He wasn t going to let anything stop him but things happen can these to make this kind of relationship work They have all the cards stacked against them for sure One must remember things are not as they always seem The chemistry between these two are outstanding, the pull is big but who will bend and who will give Anton is one strong caring man who is a little on the alpha side, he tries so hard to let go but something keeps pulling him back From the first page to the last it is a win, win read for me.I have to say both these characters stole my heart they were wonderful The author gives us a wonderful plot with wonderful characters Her writing style is humorous which she follows with her easy flowing writing style I found I couldn t put this short read down It might be a short read I found the author fit a lot in a short time and it wasn t rushed The story will break your heart as the author tells one full of pain and sorrow I look forward to from this author I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Wow, I don t know what I was expecting but this book came right out of the box in the first few pages or so Not exactly what I was expecting, it had a Major Twist that I didn t see coming It was quite a surprise At first I thought, I must have misunderstand what just happened but no it was exactly what it seemed Curious yet I found it pretty easy to be drawn to Anna, and to start pulling for her Even though she tried to protect herself and become a machine where her feelings were concerned Her words kind of not mine Anton was someone else who knew pain and betrayal s too As tough as he was in business, he was also shown to be tender and loyal What s not to like about that On a side note Although I like the fact that the author uses pictures of different looking type of men, the one on the cover of this book wasn t one of my favorite Sorry I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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