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Save Your Breath (Morgan Dane #6) quotes Save Your Breath (Morgan Dane #6) , litcharts Save Your Breath (Morgan Dane #6) , symbolism Save Your Breath (Morgan Dane #6) , summary shmoop Save Your Breath (Morgan Dane #6) , Save Your Breath (Morgan Dane #6) 11d66ac2 Morgan Dane And PI Lance Kruger Investigate The Mysterious Disappearance Of A True Crime Writer.When True Crime Writer Olivia Cruz Disappears With No Signs Of Foul Play, Her New Boyfriend, Lincoln Sharp, Suspects The Worst He Knows She Didn T Leave Willingly And Turns To Attorney Morgan Dane And PI Lance Kruger To Find Her Before It S Too Late.As They Dig Through Olivia S Life, They Are Shocked To Discover A Connection Between Her Current Book Research On Two Cold Murder Cases And The Suicide Of One Of Morgan S Prospective Clients.As Morgan And Lance Investigate, The Number Of Suspects Grows, But Time Is Running Out To Find Olivia Alive When Danger Comes Knocking At Their Door, Morgan And Lance Realize That They May Be The Killer S Next Targets.

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    4.5 Stars Save Your Breath was another enjoyable installment in the Morgan Dane series with an intriguing mystery and some great developments for the characters.Attorney Morgan Dane and her fianc PI Lance Kruger are hoping to avoid taking on any big cases in the weeks leading up to their wedding, but when their friend, and fellow PI, Lincoln Sharp s girlfriend goes missing they immediately offer to help Sharp knows Olivia wouldn t go willingly and he fears for the worst As the trio begin to dig into Olivia s life and work, they discover she was researching two murder cases where she uncovered information with dangerous implications With time running out to find Olivia alive, and their list of suspects growing by the day, Morgan and Lance are in a race against the clock to catch the person responsible before it s too late.The mystery of what happened to Olivia was intriguing as while the book opens with her abduction, we have no information as to who has taken her or why It was interesting watching Morgan, Lance, and Sharp look for Olivia as they have very little information to go on While most of the story followed Morgan, Lance, and Sharp, we did get several chapters from Olivia s point of view while she is being held captive Those scenes definitely upped the suspense factor as the book went and added a sense of urgency about finding Olivia before it was too late I thought the way Olivia s disappearance wrapped up was well done with just the right amount of action and a great showcase of Morgan, Lance, and Sharp s skills.The characters in this series are wonderful and they re one of my favorite things about the series Morgan is an amazing main character who we ve seen grow quite a bit from the first book in the series Her relationship with Lance is fantastic and I love how far they ve come from their tentative working relationship in the beginning Morgan s grandfather once again helps Morgan work through the mountain of paperwork they uncover in this case and I love how much he helps the group out with Morgan trusting his instincts implicitly Sharp is a lot on edge in this book but that was understandable given the circumstances I like how much his and Olivia s relationship has progressed and the direction it s heading in.Overall Save Your Breath was just as fantastic as the rest of the series I highly recommend this series if you re looking for some great romantic suspense with of a focus on the suspense I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    I love this book I love this series I am so terribly sad that this is the final book in the series SAVE YOUR BREATH Morgan Dane Book 6 by Melinda Leigh is a romantic suspense PI mystery and this time the focus is on Lincoln Sharp and Olivia Cruz, but the danger still has a way of finding Lance and Morgan.True crime writer Olivia Cruz has disappeared Lincoln and Olivia have been dating for a few months now and he knows the type of criminals she interviews and fears the worst She attempts to leave a few clues, but she is taped, tied and then drugged Sharp gets Lance and Morgan to assist in going through her files of her current book looking for clues.They find Olivia was writing about two cold case murders The mother of one of the convicted men committed suicide right outside Morgan s office after Morgan turned her down as a client the same day they find Olivia missing The suspects increase as the suspense builds and it is a race against the clock Will Sharp find Olivia and will she be alive And has Morgan and Lance s involvement in the case made them targets of the killer I love all the characters in this book and series I always look forward to each book knowing I can pick it up, reconnect with Morgan, Lance and all the secondary characters and immediately be immersed in a mystery that pulls me into the story and their lives once again Ms Leigh knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages I am very sorry this series is ending, but I know I will be going back to reread them again.I highly recommend this book and the entire series All the books have memorable characters and well plotted mysteries I do recommend they be read in order to follow all the personal connections and changes.

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    In the 6th thriller in this series, Morgan Dane and PI Lance Kruger investigate the mysterious disappearance of Olivia Cruz.Olivia is a former reporter who now writes true crime books Her boyfriend is Lincoln Sharp, part of the investigative team Sharp and the others are sure that she didn t leave her home willingly but who would have taken her and why As they dig through Olivia s life, they are shocked to discover a connection between her current book research on two cold murder cases and the suicide of one of Morgan s prospective clients.Investigating leads them to multiple suspects The foursome realize that someone wants this case stopped at all costs even the deaths of Morgan and Lance.As with all the books I ve read by this author, this one is well written with lots of action..a real page turner Although part of a series, it is easily read as a stand alone However, if Romantic Suspense is your thing, I highly recommend starting at the beginning These are all terrific characters, all finely drawn, and involved in exceptionally crafted story lines filled with twists and turns.Many thanks to the author Montlake Romance Netgalley for the digital copy of this Romantic Suspense Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.NOTE This is the last of this particular series But for fans of this author and this series a new sweries is scheduled to appear in 2020.

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    I am loving the Morgan Dane series, and was so happy to have another one of the books to read In this one, Morgan and her fianc , Lance Kruger, become involved in trying to find true crime writer Olivia Cruz when she disappears Olivia s boyfriend, Lincoln Sharp, is Lance s boss, and a central figure to the series As Lance, Morgan, and Lincoln race against time to find Olivia, they realize that the book she is working on has ties to two cold murder cases, as well as the recent suicide of one of Morgan s clients They must find Olivia before it is too late.The aspect that stands out for me in this, as well as the other books in the series, is the wonderful characters I always enjoy reading about Morgan and Lance, but the widowed Morgan s three small daughters add so much dimension to the books, as well as her retired law enforcement grandfather, who helps look after Morgan, her home, and her girls A young, health compromised nanny also lives with the family, and is an asset to the books It is always good to see secondary characters Lincoln Sharp and Olivia Cruz turn up, and I enjoyed having them at the forefront of this book I really enjoy the way the characters team up and work together to solve crimes.I voluntarily read and reviews an Advanced Reader Copy.

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    Advanced Reader Copy ARC provided by the Author and Publisher in exchange for an fair and honest review.Wonderful mystery with a great plot that doesn t give up its secrets until the action packed ending I have always loved Melinda Leigh and her books are consistently top notch I don t know if the Morgan Dane Series is going to continue, but I hope it will I love the Dane family and how they have opened their hearts and home to others The depiction of the kids is spot on and so funny.Attorney Morgan Dane and PI Lance Kruger are two weeks away from their wedding Lots to do and now they have a missing friend to find Lincoln Sharp is the owner of Sharp Investigations and Lance s partner He has been dating a true crime writer, Olivia Cruz They are an older couple, both with bad relationships in their past, so the are taking this slow When Olivia goes missing without a trace, Sharp is positive that this is a kidnapping and he is scared.Olivia keeps her current book research carefully quiet, but she is having a dilemma and needs some advice from Morgan, Lance and Sharp When she disappears, her research is the only clue they have to start with As they investigate they find some very troubling matters that Olivia uncovered in her research The they look, the suspects they uncover Time is running out for Olivia and someone is determined to prevent Morgan, Lance and Sharp from finding her.

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    Save your breathe is the 6th installment of Morgan Dane series While each of these books can be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading the series in order to have the full experience The mysteries are new with each book, but the personal lives of the characters continues from one book to the next Morgan is a young widower with three small girls She returned to Scarlett Falls after he husband died in the military She moved in with her retired police grandfather and they lend each other support Lance is a cop turned Private investigator When he was a child, his father disappeared Lincoln was the cop who attempted to solve that case and took Lance under his wing When he retired, Lance came to work with him as a PI Morgan is a lawyer who also works at their firm Over time, she and Lance fell in love and are engaged In the past, Lincoln has worked with an investigative reporter named Olivia Neither like to let anyone in, but they slowly broke down each other s walls Olivia has signed with an agent to do a true crime book based on a couple of cases she is researching She has concerns that the men in jail man be innocent of the crimes they were arrested for She wants to discuss the case with Lincoln But before she can, someone kidnaps her from her bed in the middle of the night With very little to go on, can Lincoln, Lance, and Morgan find Olivia before it s too late I really enjoy this series and try to read them as soon as they come out The characters are smart, resourceful, and human The writing seems to be well researched and is easy to follow And for those who like their stories clean, they don t have much then a couple bedroom innuendos and they aren t too gory Thanks Netgalley, Melinda Leigh, and Montlake for this book.

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    Save Your Breath is a 6th book in Morgan Dane series, a romantic PI mystery suspense read And once again I am happy to report that this series is still one of my favorites in this genre Melinda Leigh has a way of captivating her audience with new cases and keeps the reader on the edge and fully engaged till last pages Morgan and Lance are one of my favorite fictional couples, and their romantic and professional relationship is one that will stay with me for a while I have to say that I am quite upset that this is the last book in the series, and I will definitely miss all the characters Thank you NetGalley, Montlake Romance publisher, and the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    I ve given this a B at AAR.Save Your Breath is the sixth and final book in Melinda Leigh s series of suspense novels featuring defence attorney Morgan Dane, who together with her three young daughters moved back to her home town of Scarlet Falls following the death of her husband on active service Over the course of the series, Morgan has found love again with Lance Kruger, her former high school sweetheart, and the couple are planning their wedding, which is due to take place in just a few weeks time.Lance was a police officer and now works as a PI for the firm run by his former colleague and mentor, Lincoln Sharp Morgan works from an office in the same building and the three are very close and have successfully worked a number of cases together Their latest case, however, is one that hits very close to home for Sharp when the woman he s been dating for the past six months or so, investigative reporter Olivia Cruz, goes missing after having arranged to meet with the three of them the next day to discuss something she s been working on.With no other clues or information to go on, Sharp, Lance and Morgan start digging to see if they can tie Olivia s disappearance to any of her current research projects They learn that she s late with a book proposal to her editor, and find a couple of avenues of investigations to pursue, both of which appear to be related to cases of possibly wrongful conviction and imprisonment and one of them is coincidentally connected to a meeting Morgan took just that morning But of course nothing is ever simple, and the plot takes several unexpected and cleverly executed twists and turns before all is revealed.Save Your Breath is a suspenseful and enjoyable read in which the author steadily builds the tension as Sharp, Lance and Morgan race against time to find Olivia, while never losing sight of the fact that these are people with complicated lives and complex emotions Sharp has always been something of a steading presence in the other novels in the series even a bit of a control freak calm and unflappable, he s a solid, dependable presence, but here, it s almost painful to witness him as he starts to unravel At fifty three, he s been single for some time, and as both he and Olivia have been burned by past romantic relationships, they ve been content to take things slowly But as Sharpe struggles to keep it together and remain positive about finding her, he realises he can t imagine life without her.As always, one of the most enjoyable elements of these books is provided by the characters and the relationships between them Morgan and Lance are a solid couple who love and support each other unconditionally, and I applaud the author for showing that parenting three children aged seven and under is no picnic and how both of them put their family first The scene where Lance takes the girls shopping for Halloween costumes is cuteness overload I did have a few small problems with the novel overall I was pleased when I learned it would focus on a story for Sharp and Olivia, who have been striking sparks off each other since Olivia first appeared in an earlier book in the series so I was a bit disappointed to discover that they ve been dating for several months by the time this story takes place I d hoped for a little romantic development, maybe them working alongside each other for a while before the kidnap occurred and I have to say that the final reveal as to who was behind it and why had me scratching my head a little Not because it didn t make sense, but because it was a bit of an anti climax after everything Olivia had gone through.Those niggles apart, Save Your Breath is a fast paced page turner featuring a clever mystery and a group of engaging, multi faceted characters I ve grown fond of It s a fitting finale to what s been a solidly entertaining series and fans are bound to enjoy it.

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    Melinda Leigh returns with one of the tightest, most cohesive crime busting, lawyer PI team in the Morgan Dane series I can t seem to get enough of Morgan Dane and Lance Kruger and Save Your Breath is yet another great instalment in this fantastic lineup I think I ve said this in every review of the series, but written from a romance review s perspective, I ll need to say it again the romance is slight and brought off screen, given the established pairings, with slight touches and kisses and reaffirming words forming the basis of affection here Lance and Morgan are grounded in each other and it s always a joy to read about their mature relationship and how they get on in each new book, so Save Your Breath furthers their relationship just a little and probably gives them the short but needed HEA all of their stalwart fans want As much as I was hoping for a sharper focus on Lincoln Sharp s and Olivia Wade s romance developing along side Morgan Lance s rock solid one, Save Your Breath wastes no time in moving past their attraction, straight onto the meat of the story of Olivia s disappearance and several seemingly unlinked cases There s no doubt that Leigh always crafts a good suspense this far into the series, the pacing, tone and characters are nuanced and pitch perfect, though a mite bit predictable plot wise, or even a bit of a let down when all s revealed and tied up.Still, it s a smooth read otherwise, engaging and compelling and if this is really Leigh s last in this series, I ll be saying a very, very wistful goodbye.

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    I really like this series and I loved this book It s good to see relationships building in it This book is full of drama and action and is great But it s also full of love.I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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