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Photographs Of The Unknown files Photographs Of The Unknown , read online Photographs Of The Unknown , free Photographs Of The Unknown , free Photographs Of The Unknown , Photographs Of The Unknown 702bf10d1 Photographs Of Paranormal And Unexplained Activities, From Strange Creatures To UFOs To Psychic Phenomena To Ghosts.

10 thoughts on “Photographs Of The Unknown

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    Ooooooh spooky some just look so fake and some are just way off

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    This book consists of photographs of unexplained or dubious phenomena It tries to be unbiased, but gets caught in its own sensationalism At the same time, many of the photos are spectacular, and it would be hard to find another book with such a comprehensive collection of the classics , most of wh...

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    An hilarious collection of obviously faked staged photos of paranormal phenomenon Except for the Kirlian photographs, which looked legit to me but I m not a skeptic of Kirlian photography, so YMMV.

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    I ve tagged this as an art book rather then a serious mysteries of the universe type of book.I must have aquired this when there was a fashion for all things mysterious.

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