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    Good references on the physics aspects of sociology.

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    I thought it was educational Although, it s useful going in knowing that a lot of the terminology is dated 4 5.

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Social Entropy Theory download Social Entropy Theory, read online Social Entropy Theory, kindle ebook Social Entropy Theory, Social Entropy Theory 0142a701b946 Social Entropy Theory Illuminates The Fundamental Problems Of Societal Analysis With A Nonequilibrium Approach, A New Frame Of Reference Built Upon Contemporary Macrological Principles, Including General Systems Theory And Information Theory Social Entropy Theory, Using Shannon S H And The Entropy Concept, Avoids The Common And Often Artificial Separation Of Theory And Method In Sociology The Hallmark Of The Volume Is Integration, As Seen In The Author S Interdisciplinary Discussions Of Equilibrium, Entropy, And Homeostasis Unique Features Of The Book Are The Introduction Of The Three Level Model Of Social Measurement, The Theory Of Allocation, The Concepts Of Global Mutable Immutable, Discussion Of Order And Power, And A Large Set Of Testable Hypotheses