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  • Kindle Edition
  • 165 pages
  • The Hanging Three
  • Robin Peacock
  • English
  • 08 April 2018

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    From Reason to RetributionA failed attempt on Detective Superintendent Veronica Reason s life leads her to suspect the death of her husband and twin daughters, in a car crash 18 months ago, was no accident She decides to reopen the investigation her husband was working on, only to find a real can of worms The second book in the Veronica Reason series doesn t quite have the surprise and suspense of the first one The fluid and expressive narrative stands in sharp contrast to much of the dialogue, heavily spiced with four letter words While the people and the work of the Crime Investigation Unit felt gritty and real, the criminals just bumble and blubber their way into any old trap They may indeed be nothing than losers, but can be annoyingly good at what they do in real life.Disappointingly, DS Reason s righteous indignation crosses the line into the murky domain of vindictive retaliation, and even police brut...

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    I ve always had a soft spot in my heart for British police procedurals, and so I read The Hanging Three with considerable pleasure It s the second book in a series featuring Detective Superintendent Veronica Reason, currently working in Bristol and investigating sexual harassment by other police officers Only she must have fallen afoul of someone important, because a contract killer is sent after herThe book is solidly plotted and detailed, with a satisfying series of twists and turns Although it is a gritty police procedural novel, it also borrows a certain something from the cozy mystery genre, it seemed to me, in that many things were wrapped up neatly Although on the one hand I appreciated that, on the other it had less of the nail biting tension that I tend to expect in this kind of novel It s up to the individual reader whether that is a plus or a minus In any case, it s a quick, fun read for fans of British detect...

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    As an outsider to detective books, I was impressed by the details Peacock included with regard to police work I would not be surprised if the author had been involved in the field, either first or second hand or if perhaps he had participated in a ride along at one time or another I found that sometimes these details were redundant, as the squad would often have to go over the same information than once in a given day, with various suspects, officers stepping into the conversation, etc It also occurred to me that this is probably the real, often tedious work of police officers, and only once or twice did I have the feeling that I could have done with a summary rather than a word for word transcript The lead character, Veronica Reason, heads a very interesting force In a police district which has been male dominated, and absolutely corrupt for many generations over, Reason leads a revolt from within, using all the tools at her disposal This includes dodgy police tactics I put dodgy in quotes because I am of the U.S, and I had no problem with their use in this instance , such as set ups and cameras, in order to bring sexually predatory, high ranking officers to justice She has also lost her family, and sets out on a warpath to uncover what turns out to b...

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The Hanging Three characters The Hanging Three , audiobook The Hanging Three , files book The Hanging Three , today The Hanging Three , The Hanging Three 30a2e It Is Not Often A Senior Police Officer Is Handed A File That Is Ready To Prosecute, Down To The Last Tiny Detail Veronica Reason Is The Target Of An Assassin, Sent To Silence Her From Prying Into A Case About Which She Knows Absolutely Nothing The Attempt On Her Life Prompts Her To Delve Into The Dormant Case, Opening A Whole Can Of Worms For The Perpetrators Who Live To Rue The Day They Tried To Silence Her Follow Veronica Reason And Her Police Team As She Draws The Culprits Into Her Net And Exacts A Fitting Form Of Revenge.

About the Author: Robin Peacock

You decide about me from what you read about me I flew for many years in and around Europe I retired early, thank goodness Now I live in Thailand with my new family and a soon to be 4 year old girl I began writing many years ago but never had time now I have lots of it All the stories I began so long ago have been updated and completed I am in love with Charlie Edwards, my kick ass heroine