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Eleanor pdf Eleanor , ebook Eleanor , epub Eleanor , doc Eleanor , e-pub Eleanor , Eleanor a90da5f9a0a More Than Fifty Years After Her Death, Eleanor Roosevelt Is Remembered As A Formidable First Lady And Tireless Social Activist Often Overlooked, However, Is Her Deep And Inclusive Spirituality Her Personal Faith Was Shaped By Reading The New Testament In Her Youth, Giving Her A Jesus Centered Spirituality That Fueled Her Commitment To Civil Rights, Women S Rights, And The Rights Of All Little People Marginalized In American Society.She Took Seriously Jesus Words And Despite Her Life Of Privilege, She Made The Needs Of Those On The Margins Her Priority Eleanor A Spiritual Biography Provides Insight Into One Of America S Most Famous Women, Particularly The Spiritual Influences That Made Her So Active In Social Justice Issues.

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    This is the first biography I have read about Eleanor Roosevelt and it will most certainly not be the last It was a great introduction to the life of a prominent and influential figure of the twentieth century Eleanor Roosevelt left a lasting impression on everything she was involved with, including politics, diplomacy, activism and humanitarian causes The fact that this remains her legacy, so than serving as the First Lady, makes for a very impressive resume The author argues that Eleanor s spirituality and faith played a vital role in helping to frame her worldview We see Eleanor at various stages of her life, from childhood, adulthood and ultimately her death The reader is introduced to Eleanor through moments, interactions and snapshots This is where the text really shines I thoroughly enjoyed reading snippets of conversations that Eleanor had with different individuals throughout her life They helped to paint a vivid picture of who Eleanor was o...

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    This is an amazing biography of Eleanor Roosevelt I had no idea she was so far ahead of her time and was such a civil rights leader Very readable and enjoyable.

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    I find Eleanor Roosevelt a fascinating, if ignatmic figure If nothing else, she was Franklin s equal if not his superior Until I read Eleanor a Spiritual Biography Biography, I did not appreciate her depth Her grasp of the unseen was stunning and humbling Now I ...

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    Well researched, well written, thought provoking, educational I loved everything about this book the only thing missing was photographs

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    Eleanor Roosevelt not only was the longest serving First Lady, with the exception of HIllary Clinton, she is surely the most influential First Lady in American History Not only was she a powerful political figure, but she was deeply spiritual in her orientation A life long Episcopalian, she would come to believe that faith without works is dead, that Micah s call to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with one s God stood at the heart of the Christian faith While she was a committed Christian of a liberal variety , she came to respect other religious traditions, believing that everyone had the right to practice their religion as they so chose.This biography, written by Harold Ivan Smith, invites us into Mrs Roosevelt s spiritual life, so we might understand what motivated her Smith is a bereavement specialist who has written on spirituality Though he is neither a historian nor a biographer, he shows a genuine interest in the subject and reveals a fully developed portrait of her The person we encounter is a person of deep faith, who understood that this faith should give evidence of itself through service to the least of these.In the introduction, Smith writes that Eleanor s spirituality was not an abstract notion but a reality explored, lived, and celebrated To her, all th...

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    This is one of the books I read for the United Methodist Women s reading program While I didn t agree with everything Eleanor Roosevelt stood for I did agree with a lot of it.

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    The book is very readable and starts off strong The author presents an interesting perspective on how Eleanor Roosevelt s faith drove her decisions and her advocacy However, there s a fair bit of conjecture Eleanor might have thought , it may have been what led her to.

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    UMW 2019 Leadership Development I m really glad this was on the United Methodist Women recommended reading list I expected it to be dry reading I enjoyed the insights into such a famous woman Pg 204 I liked the quote from her 1st published book 1933 , It s Up to the Women I think we shall have fulfilled our missionif we never saw a wrong without trying to right it we never intentionally left unhappiness where a little effort would have turned it into happiness, and we were critical of ourselves than we were of others Pg 1 Segration in 1938 Birmingham AL any white person even the First Lady who even attempted to sit on the wrong side of the aisle Pg 2 By end.., First Lady sat in the middle of the aisle between white only and Negro only sections I didn t realize she had such a tough childhood Pg 29 curious barrier between mywself and 3 brother mother They called the introverted, painfully shy, and gawkily tall child their ugly duckling Pg, 31 Gma Hall did not permit children to attend their mother s funeral she kept Eleanor from seeing headlines Mrs Roosevelt s Death Her Last Years Saddened by Her Husband s Insanity Pg 33 how much alcohol. to die at age 34 her father Pg, 34 Eleanor named son after her father a troubled son who became her favorite 5 years later Eleanor was finally sent to boarding school Plenty of 7500 yr 211,000 in 2016 dollars Pg 45 Allenwood learned to socialize became most po...

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    Eleanor A Spiritual Biography The Faith of the 20th Century s Most Influential Woman, by author Harold Ivan Smith is filled with historical accounts of the great Eleanor Roosevelt The author has noted interviews and taken written documentation and public records of the words and actions of a remarkable first lady I have long appreciated the tireless work of Eleanor Roosevelt for the under privileged poor and the civil rights of all people I admire her staying true to her beliefs in the face of a public who sometimes did not appreciate her intelligence and spiritual heart of compassion for people Eleanor was a major influence in promoting the arts and education for all people during the time of economic distress Eleanor championed for men and women in the workforce and in the civil rights as a whole.I enjoyed reading this biography written by Dr Smith, but am also disappointed in some statements I feel overstepped his authority as a writer I cringed within myself each of the many times the author wrote Eleanor would have in reference to events, public response, laws, and private actions As a reader, I felt the author did not have the authority to publish what Eleanor would do in different situations Why would he do this Was it to influence readers of his own personal beliefs and to influence the public toward a...

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    Recently, I had the pleasure of being a recipient of the book, Eleanor A Spiritual Biography The Faith of the 20th Century s Most Influential Woman, by Harold Ivan Smith.As a long time admirer of this great woman, and as someone that likes to read all sorts of genres, I was pleased to have read this book, and to be able to recommend it to you Many of us may know some things about Mrs Roosevelt, including her terrible early life, her difficult marriage to an almost iconic Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the loss of one of her children in his infancy, and her activism for a number of social and political causes One of the many things Mrs Roosevelt worked through was her leanings toward anti Antisemitism, a result of her life lessons as a child in a country where anti Antisemitism was common Many of her friends were Jewish, but Mrs Roosevelt was someone that believed in having friends that she did not divide by class, race, religion or other factors Throughout her life, Eleanor Roosevelt used her Christian faith, her Episcopalian faith and a stalwart belief in the rights of all humans to be treated equally to work for all people These beliefs led her in the tireless work and monies she spent to support i...

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