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10 thoughts on “The Lairds Daughter (Moriag, #4)

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    Moriag series greatI enjoyed reading all 4 of these books in this series, love the character Elsbeth and Ian , but felt there should have been of Ian and the end of his denouncing of his clan the Campbells

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    This is 4th book in a great Highlander series I have enjoyed the friendship between the characters in the prior books I have known Ian to be the quiet one It was not surprising that Elsbeth had to take control of the situation and show Ian that love conquers all I thought it was an interesting twist that they tried the friendship thing first I liked the discovery of Ian s hidden upbringing and how h...

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    Moriag Series continuesI love Hilde McQueens work especially this series characters for a short novel are very strong and the overlapping characters reminds the reader that this is a great book in a great series.

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The Lairds Daughter (Moriag, #4) download The Lairds Daughter (Moriag, #4) , read online The Lairds Daughter (Moriag, #4) , kindle ebook The Lairds Daughter (Moriag, #4) , The Lairds Daughter (Moriag, #4) 614486cd8890 The Announcement Of His Friend, Elsbeth S Betrothal, Stirs A Shift In Ian McRainey S Feelings He Escapes To The Sanctuary Of The Forest To Keep From Demanding She Not Marry, But Instead Be With Him In Spite Of The Difference In Their Stations One Word From Him And He Can Claim His True Identity, Which Will Bring Him Power Than Even Her Father S But Can He Return To A Past So Harsh, That It Drove Him Away In The First Place Elsbeth McNeil Knows She Must Accept Marriage To A Laird S Son She Is After All The McNeil S Daughter But The Conflict In Her Heart Begins To Chip Away At Any Resolve To Do What Is Expected And Instead Follow Her Heart The Struggle To Fully Comprehend Her Feelings For Ian McRainey Sends Her Into A Tailspin And She Takes A Chance To Lose Everything By Going After Him When The Most Powerful Clan Arrives Claiming To Search For The Son Of Laird Campbell, Things Are Set Into Motion That Catches Everyone By Surprise.