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    This is the first in the NineSense series of poetry chapbooks, each containing nine poems It has been nominated for the Elgin award I admire aspects of these poems, such as the powerful closing lines in Committee and Liberation The poems as a whole, however, are not my cup of tea I was confused from the opening stanza which remains baffling to me even after reading it several times and reading through the chapbook twice I remained mostly confused thereafter...

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    It took me a surprising while to finally get to this book, but I liked it a whole of a lot The poems seem kind of like a quick ehh, but when I read it again I came to really appreciate them It s like they all have their own story, but then they are all connected in a single story.

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    I didn t get it I ll definitely have another read through, easily done since there are only 9 brief poems, but I doubt I ll get enlightenment out of it This book has been nominated for the 2016 Elgin Award for best genre chapbook.

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    Of course I love it I published it

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