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    One reference for my TOEFL test Though this book not comprehensive enough, but it offer good examples questions.

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    Good source for official retired questions and the three tests that come with it Note those three tests are only scores for reading and listening Speaking and writing are not scored You can score them by other means such as with a h...

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    The book is mostly filled with test examples but it does give some good advice for the test.I read most tips but did only 1 test example.

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    Good source of study for the reading and listening sections Useful strategies Not so much for the writing and speaking of course But overall, pretty good preparation for the test.

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    although it is an Academic book, it contains many IdeasGood personal information and for TOEFL exam

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    The TOEFL Test is one of the most popular English proficiency tests in the world Most colleges and organizations in the US and UK require it for people born and raised outside of a majority English speaking country Of all the resources available to prepare for the test, The official guide to the TOEFL test is a must have It is well structured covering the four areas of focus in the Test Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing There are hardy tips...

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    this book help me a lot

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    Generally,I should say that I wish I had puttime on it.Excellent source for Toefl writing part If you know all the vocabulary of the sample readings I promise you can do good enough on the actual exam Not a very good source for listening part though The speaking part is too short and you will ne...

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    Good Choice

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    One of the best books to prepare for TOEFL

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