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[[ BOOKS ]] ✯ All Acts of Love & Pleasure  Author Yvonne Aburrow – Dcrjservices.co.uk chapter 1 All Acts of Love & Pleasure , meaning All Acts of Love & Pleasure , genre All Acts of Love & Pleasure , book cover All Acts of Love & Pleasure , flies All Acts of Love & Pleasure , All Acts of Love & Pleasure f878859993903 All Acts Of Love And Pleasure Is A Companion Guide To Inclusive Wicca, Which Includes All Participants Regardless Of Sexual Orientation, Disability, Age, Or Other Differences, Not By Erasing Or Ignoring The Distinctions, But By Working With Them Creatively Within Initiatory Craft Tracing The Development Of Pagan And Wiccan Ideas About Gender And Sexuality, Authority And Tradition, We Can See That The Craft Has Evolved Since The 1950s, And Will Continue To Develop In The Future.The Author Examines Different Ideas In Relation To Initiatory Wicca, Such As Eco Spirituality, Science, Truth, The Sacred, Sexuality, Consent Culture, Tradition, And Magic, And How These Concepts Can Be Explored As Part Of A Liberal Religious Tradition And Training As A Priestess Or Priest In Wicca Each Chapter Offers Further Reading, A Meditation Or Visualisation, And Practical Ideas For Rituals And Discussions By Examining The Origins And Relevance Of Wiccan Concepts, The Reader Is Challenged To Explore Their Own Views And How They Express Their Own Spirituality.Although The Aim Of This Book Is To Act As A Guide To Existing Initiatory Covens Who Want To Make Their Practice Inclusive, Its Scope Is Much Broader As It Deals With Wide Ranging Issues Including Group Dynamics, Coven Leadership, Ritual, Ethics, And Wiccan Theology And Practice It Is Sure To Appeal To Pagans, Magicians, Druids And Witches, Of All Persuasions And Views.

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    This book wasn t what I was expecting Many reviewers out there are focusing on a handful of All Acts of Love Pleasure Inclusive Wicca s qualities, either because they are personally invested in the LGBTQ aspect as am I or because gender and sexuality in the Craft are hot topics in the blogosphere right now In a way these reviews, though positive and important, shortchange Yvonne Aburrow s book because they seem to define it by only one of its many complex facets.Yvonne Aburrow s book is an outstanding Wicca 201, intended for already active, primarily initiatory covens, that examines Wiccan praxis and theology This is the next step once you have established a solid Wiccan practice Many aspects of Wicca are examined with an eye towards inclusivity Aburrow covers LGBTQ, BDSM, polyamory, and asexuality physical and mental disabilities cultural appropriation and trauma recovery in the context of ritual practice, relationship to divinity, and mythology She also tackles, with dignity and respect, most of the issues that currently divide the Pagan community science vs magick, polytheism vs humanism sexuality and gender and ecology and activism as spiritual practices The author looks at some of the common Wiccan myths and makes suggestions for ways to incorporate deep ecology, from adapting the Wheel of the Year to appropriately reflect your climate and geography to reducing your carbon footprint.The aspects of ...

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    Wonderful In articulating the rationale for inclusion,assisting the crafting of inclusive ritual and inovercoming objections to inclusiveness