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    There are a lot of sarcastic remarks I could choose to pepper about this review regarding the pitfalls of self publishing, but it would be incredibly poor taste given the subject matter Hell, I could simply mention AuthorHouse and most people would run screaming from this page as if hounds were on their heels.The truth is I wanted to enjoy this book I have so much to learn about gender identity and so few reliable sources to seek out The poor writing couldn t dissuade me from looking for value in it The dire need for editing couldn t keep me from finishing it In retrospect, I wish I had given in this book has a revolting aftertaste.After this read, I feel even sympathetic towards individuals suffering through gender reassignment To her credit, Marilyn never presents herself as the perfect parent or even the perfect parent for her circumstances She is a discordant ball of confusion, perseverance, and regret She asserts that she s lost a child, but with no body to bury, and wishes for peace in her daughter s heart so that the memory of her son can retake its rightful place in hers.I find that incredibly unfair to her daughter, Rachel, whose past is no lost than she is found I can t imagine looking at my child and asking, Who are you and what have you done with The truth is that Rachel has always been there, and it s rather disgusting to read through a hundred pages of frantic and fruitless musings on that fact I feel that I am lost forever in a fog of despair because I cannot say goodbye What would fill the hole left behind Where will I find solace from the daily pain I will eventually have to allow this new person access to my heart but I don t have to close my heart to the one who has gone. Mrs Phillips, you don t have to grant access to anyone If there s no throughway to your heart for your own flesh and blood, then there will probably never be a fully functional and reliable road.Rachel is presented, both by her own words in the introduction and her mother s painted portrait, as an angry and bitter woman and after reading this, I can t say that I blame her It s rather apparent from the text that extended family and friends of the family handled the news with respect and admiration than the immediate family Blaine, Rachel s brother, being a possible exception.Child or parent in a transgender environment, I would suggest you steer clear of this memoir As a child, you ll be subjected to of the same questioning and distrust for your emotions As a parent, you ll be led down a path that teaches it s acceptable to distribute negativity both to yourself and your child in a situation where blame, regret, despair and the like have no positive impact on your family s future or your child s happiness.

    Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads program Despite that, this is an unbiased and voluntary review.

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    This is an excellent read and I just could not put the book down Before I knew it I had finished the book within hours of me starting to read it This is an inspiring story that would be an helpful read to anyone going through this situation or to the family of someone who is transgender Throughout this book there is a strong sense of heart warming support within this family network especially whilst they are facing difficult times and decisions that may lead to a lot of negative reactions from people outside of the family I think that it is excellent that they stuck together as this would be a great barrier against any negativity they may have had to face I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an excellent read and enjoys a happy ending for real people dealing with real issues I love this book as it shows that love and support are enough to get a family through the hardest of times.I would like to thank the author and her family for this book, it really is such an excellent read, and for sharing such a personal and difficult story with complete strangers as a way to show your support to your daughter and to try and help others who are possibly struggling with being transgender Rachel, congratulations on having the courage to make the decisions that were right for you and having the support of your family You have such an amazing family and you are just amazing Be sure to stay strong and beautiful Marilyn, Thank you so much for posting that giveaway and I am so glad that I won and had a chance to read this excellent story I am posting this review as a kindness to you so that others may see and buy your book and receive any help that it may encourage them to get I will be sure to treasure this book and pass it down through the generations to come I hope that if one of my children turn out to be transgender that I handle it with as much love and support as you did.

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    This was an amazing book to read I think this book is a helpful one for anyone who thinks they might be transgender or is transgender as well as for their families This book was truly heartwarming and really demonstrates that you never give up on your kid, no matter what that you support and love them always To Rachel I say Keep on being such an amazing person and for allowing your story to be told To Marilyn I say Thank you for writing this story and putting it in print I truly hope people find this book and realise they are not alone, that there is help and support available to them if they want it won on GoodReads First Reads

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    Thank you to the author Marilyn for sending me this book to review from the goodreads first reads program I really enjoyed learning about Marilyn s journey as a mother of a transgendered person and it gave me a perspective I hadn t though about for example grieving the loss of your child as they were before and the difficulty in telling extended family More people should read about these issues as to be loving, kind and understanding overall as a person.

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    This heartwarming story as told by the mother of Sammy later to become rachel tells of the journey taken and finally the happiness it brings to rachel her parents support along the way as a mother who grieves for the loss of a son but learns to love her new daughterI won this as a giveaway thank you Marilyn for putting words to print your story I am sure will help others facing the same problem.

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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Daughter We Didnt Know We Had
  • Marilyn Phillips
  • English
  • 07 February 2018
  • 9781496937407

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