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    A meticulous account of China s public diplomacy efforts Three dimensions of public diplomacy actors, instruments and strategies were identified and adopted as analytical framework to analyze China s case.

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    It is a nice book for readers to get insight into China s public diplomacy practice, with a well organized structure However, I have expected the content to bein depth.

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China's Public Diplomacy download China's Public Diplomacy, read online China's Public Diplomacy, kindle ebook China's Public Diplomacy, China's Public Diplomacy 05ad9d516693 In China S Public Diplomacy, Author Ingrid D Hooghe Contributes To Our Understanding Of What Constitutes And Shapes A Country S Public Diplomacy, And What Factors Undermine Or Contribute To Its Success China Invests Heavily In Policies Aimed At Improving Its Image, Guarding Itself Against International Criticism And Advancing Its Domestic And International Agenda This Volume Explores How The Chinese Government Seeks To Develop A Distinct Chinese Approach To Public Diplomacy, One That Suits The Country S Culture And Authoritarian System Based On In Depth Case Studies, It Provides A Thorough Analysis Of This Approach, Which Is Characterized By A Long Term Vision, A Dominant Role For The Government, An Inseparable And Complementary Domestic Dimension, And A High Level Of Interconnectedness With China S Overall Foreign Policy And Diplomacy