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Reading ➹ Cyparissus  Author Marta Sanmamed – chapter 1 Cyparissus , meaning Cyparissus , genre Cyparissus , book cover Cyparissus , flies Cyparissus , Cyparissus 69b6d127711e7 PDF Epub Cyparissus Author Marta Sanmamed In Cyparissus There Is A Little Dog Who Gets Lost In A Park, A Sleeping Rabbit, A Horse Up In The Clouds, And A Bird Setting Off On A Long, Long Journey.In Cyparissus There Is Irene Playing Jump Rope, George Looking Up At The Sky, Molly Who Has Bad Dreams, And Danny Carrying A Backpack Full Of T Shirts.In Cyparissus There Are Four Winds And A Tree The Tallest Tree In The Whole City And It S Crying Lexile Level 940LGuided Reading Level P

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    Ah, the things we tell children about death, as if not telling them the truth could somehow shield them from reality In this picture book from Spain, four different children suffer losses, and then they each try to do the things they think will make their animal friends return to them One girl takes her mother s admonition to be strong literally, and she begins exercising to strengthen herself, while another girl tries to keep herself from falling asleep since she associates it with something bad Although the book contains a lot of text, accompanied by soft, imaginative illustrations, the words are carefully chosen, and intended to provide comfort while also being honest I liked how the stories of these losses are nested within the frame of the story of Cyparissus as well as being reminded that my own animal friends will live forever in my memory Those losses can be ever...

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    Surreal but touching and affective stories of children coping with the loss of beloved pets A comforting book for anyone who has lost a non human companion.

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