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    This series was very fun and upbeat through the most of it I found myself wanting to strangle Kasadya throughout most of the books She was to impulsive and didn t really think about the repercussions of her actions I guess in a way that is what made her so great as well She didn t really value her life and jumped into things without really thinking, if something happened to me what would happen to those that care about me She is selfish in that way, but also she is selfless as well in that way She would sacrifice herself to make sure those she cares about comes to no harm Heck even those she didn t care about she would protect Chax drove me crazy He started off as that crazy teacher, who really was in love with his student Kas and then turned into this protective I am man hear me roar type guy who I would have throttled The author had my emotions EVERYWHERE On...

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    The Kasadya Hellhound Series is the equivalent of getting a on a terrifying roller coaster, climbing to the top, plunging over the edge of the cliff, but never hitting bottom This series is nonstop action The authors grabs you with Kasadya s transformation to Hellhound, takes you hell TWICE, and throws you into the never ending war waging between Heaven and Hell Ladies, do not be put off You will find yourself cheering Kasadya on Guys, this is not a chick book either There are angels, demons, and incredible fight sequences This series has a lot to offer its readers While not my typical read, I was not able to put this book down I found myself with a death grip on my kindle, holding my breath during major batt...

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    Absolutely love this series Kasadya is a badass, period I seriously love her I don t necessarily agree with all of her choices, but she seems to handle her trouble well There are a lot of amazing characters in these books, even the evil ones proved likable, for an evil character of course They are easy to hate It did get confusing at first, but reading them together as 1 book like this was very helpfu...

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    I loved this book It was everything that I look for when reading about shape shifting All the characters where funny and that was what helped the book come to life There were some predicable spots but other then that you don t know what is...

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    I really enjoyed this series The world Swart created was interesting and exciting Each book got better and better This series took my emotions on a ride Characters I originally didn t like I found myself just falling in love with later I hated having to put i...

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    This series kept getting better with each book I felt every emotion from love,betrayal,loss,and hope.It was an adventure of twists,turns,ups and downs,conspiracies,war,self discovery,destiny,and determination.This is a series that you will not want to put down

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    Awesome stories Can t wait for .

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