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!!> PDF ✬ Viking Language 2  ✪ Author Jesse L. Byock – Dcrjservices.co.uk chapter 1 Viking Language 2 , meaning Viking Language 2 , genre Viking Language 2 , book cover Viking Language 2 , flies Viking Language 2 , Viking Language 2 0894caa15c7dd Viking Language The Old Norse Reader The Nd Book In The Viking Language Series Immerses The Learner In Old Norse And Icelandic Readings Include A Wealth Of Old Norse Myths, Legends, Complete Icelandic Sagas, Poems Of The Scandinavian Gods, Runic Inscriptions There Is A Large Vocabulary And A Full Reference Grammar Selections From Old Norse And Rune Texts Range From The Doom Of The Gods At The Final Battle Ragnarok To Descriptions Of The Dwarves Gold And The Ring That Inspired Tolkien S Lord Of The Rings, Wagner S Ring Cycle, And A Host Of Modern Fantasy

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    I was so excited when I started learning Old Norse in Viking Language 1 The reward for all the work comes in Book 2, which is a goldmine of texts and information.Each chapter focuses on a different subject or genre of Old Norse literature There are long excerpts about the various gods and myths There are excerpts from Icelandic sagas about settlement and migration Eventually you get to read two complete sagas, one short and one long And Jesse Byock, the editor, does not stick simply with the Icelandic literature, but also gives a good sampling of runic writing from Scandinavia At the very end of the book, you get to learn about eddic and skaldic poetry I had previously heard that the latter was difficult How difficult could it really be Now that I have been exposed to skaldic poems including one long and multiple short examples , I truly understand the complexity of this form of composition There are multiple overlapping rules to the genre, involving alliteration, rhyme, and meter And then most individuals in the poems are not named directly, but rather by levels on levels of obliqueness For instance, rather than saying Thor, a skald might say the opponent of the necklace of the earth You have to be well versed in Norse mythology or, like me, be supplied with helpful footnotes to recognize a reference to Thor s defeat of the Midgard serpent the necklace of the earth since this giant snake wraps around the globe It is hard to imagine a better compilation of this type I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in learning Old Norse but make sure you put in the work on Viking Language 1 first.