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★ Equilibrium Overturned  PDF / Epub ✪ Author Anthony Rivera – Dcrjservices.co.uk chapter 1 Equilibrium Overturned , meaning Equilibrium Overturned , genre Equilibrium Overturned , book cover Equilibrium Overturned , flies Equilibrium Overturned , Equilibrium Overturned 5746e84c531bf The End Is Coming But How Will It Arrive From Alien Civilizations Bent On Human Destruction, To Demonic Incursions From Beyond The Event Horizon, To The Dangerous Malevolence That Lives Within Us All, Equilibrium Overturned Drags You Into The Heart Of Darkness To Explore Brutal Personal And Worldwide Apocalypses And The Lives Wavering On The Brink.Survive Destroyed Worlds And Terrifying Dystopian Societies Experience A Prison Of The Future And The Whitewashing Of A Horrifying Past That Threatens Our Very Existence From Preventable Transgressions, Unavoidable Doomsdays And Personal Calamities Both Near And Far, Equilibrium Overturned Offers Shocking Revelations Into What Life May Be Like At The End.

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    Copy provided by publisher for an honest review Equilibrium Overturned is the newest anthology from the stellar team at Grey Matter Press and focuses on stories that are a blend of horror, science fiction and dark fantasy, much in the same spirit of their previous anthology Ominous Realities I am a huge fan of all of Grey Matter Press anthologies and I always look forward to their projects that push the boundaries of traditional horror Equilibrium Overturned features excellent stories from a few familiar faces from Grey Matter Press other anthologies along with writers appearing for the first time While choosing a favorite from this anthology is almost impossible, the following stories were the ones that really stuck with me.The anthology gets off to a gripping start with Jeff Hemenway s The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder , which blends elements of the horror, science fiction and crime genres into a wildly original story The story focuses on a man named Kurtis Arlington, a Linkguide for the government s Sandman program The program is a sort of new punishment for criminals where they are drugged into a state deeper than a coma and imprisoned in nuspace, sort of like a prison for the mind Arlington has been tasked with interviewing notorious serial killer Bruce Kristoff to try and give closure to the family of one of his victims What follows is a dangerous game of cat and mouse, with Kristoff and Arlington trading memories over their psylink and hurtling toward an explosive conclusion I loved this story s unique subject matter and Hemenway s superb ability to keep the reader guessing before finally unveiling a twist that I definitely didn t see coming Martial Law by JG Faherty The story has a bleak opening as we learn right away that the end of the world has already come and gone While telling the reader right away that everything is most certainly NOT okay may seem like it would spoil the story, the suspense comes from trying to figure out just what went wrong and what it means for humanity The story takes place in a regular small town, the kind where people feel safe and comfortable That false sense of security is what makes the events that unfold on Main Street that day truly horrifying Even when the true nature of what is what is happening is revealed and it seems everything is, Faherty takes a left turn and puts a fresh spin on a popular horror creature Through The Ghostlands by Rose Blackthorn is an atmospheric post apocalyptic that details the struggle of three survivors of a global catastrophe as they search a desolate landscape with the hope of finding other survivors While their search has proved fruitless so far, it slowly becomes apparent that they are not truly alone Blackthorn does an excellent job portraying the desperation and hopelessness that the characters face and the last few pages of the story definitely gave me the chills I am a big fan of post apocalyptic stories and this one is definitely one of my favorites While it works well as a stand alone short story, I hope that Blackthorn continues the story of the Ghostlands because I would love to learn about the characters and the outcome of their journey Wombie by Martin Slag Small town veternatrian Dr Ethan Sarvas is baffled when a little girl and her mother bring in an exotic creature known as Wombie , who is suffering from an unknown ailment Wombie was given to the little girl by her uncle, Robert Frugal, who was sent to a mental health facility after crafting an unusual crop circle pattern in a local wheat field After examining Wombie, it becomes clear to Dr Sarvas that Robbie may be the only one with the answers he needs However, the information that Dr Sarvas uncovers, he quickly realizes that Wombie s condition is far from normal This story has plenty of truly creepy scenes and I am definitely looking forward to reading of Slag s work.Long time readers of the Horror Bookshelf already know that I am a huge history buff and that is one of the reasons I was drawn to Sean Eads story, The Alamo Incident From The Chronicle of Timaeus Shields The story takes place around the time of the Battle of the Alamo, one of the most well known events in American history The story focuses on Timaeus Shields, a mercenary for President Andrew Jackson who requests he take on a special assignment President Jackson gives Timaeus a package containing numerous documents and a shoe that seems to have been melted by some unknown substance Timaeus begins sorting through the documents which seem to be a random assortment of letters detailing rather mundane events that usually do not coincide with Timaeus work However, when he reads a letter that details a mysterious force that has been slaughtering the troops at the Alamo, he sets off on a quest to discover the truth.Aside from the historical aspect, the aspect of the story that I enjoyed the most was the originality of the plot and the force that was responsible for killing the soldiers I don t want to spoil it for those who have yet to read Equilibrium Overturned, but rest assured that the big reveal of the story will come as a surprise Equilibrium Overturned closes with Sunrise by Tony Knighton, a story about a father who must navigate through a dangerous city ravaged by an environmental disaster in order to save his son s life Despite its dystopian setting, Sunrise is a realistic story that captures the lengths people will go to in order to try to save the people they care about This story really struck a chord with me, especially when I reached the story s emotionally powerful ending.I have been raving about Grey Matter Press books for a while now on The Horror Bookshelf and that trend will continue with Equilibrium Overturned They are having a huge year so far with all the early praise for John F.D Taff s incredible The End In All Beginnings and I have a feeling that momentum will continue with the release of Equilibrium Overturned Grey Matter Press is hands down one of the best publishers of dark fiction and the quality of their books makes each one of them an absolute must own.

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    Alternate realities that lie in outer space or inner space, in vastly different time zones and fantastically weird worlds fraught with threat and danger, this collections sheer range of differing stories that are all held together by the string of strange sci fi is a high class voyage through many bleak odd landscapes Stories included are THE FINAL TESTIMONY OF MOLLY RYDER by Jeff Hemenway Delve into the mind of a murderer by the use of psychic links.AMNION by John Everson Where everything living can be redesigned, what lengths will one woman go to just to be a redhead MARTIAL LAW by J.G Faherty A fine day is torn apart by a military parade with a unpleasant difference.THROUGH THE GHOSTLANDS by Rose Blackthorn In a world almost devoid of natural life, three people barely survive, forever wandering in search of basic provisions.THE COLLECTED SYLVIA, VOLUMES 1 TO 1388 by Geoffrey W Coles A slow burn sci fi thriller about two robot like entities stranded on a desolate planet and the paranoia and mind games that ensue.PERFECT SOLDIERS by S.G Larner In a demonic war, salvation lies within reach but is the price for this solution too high WOMBIE by Martin Slag A vet treats an odd pet but discovering the animals species means little when the real reason behind this animals creation is revealed.NO MAN S LAND by Roger Jackson In a war torn area the greatest threat may not be the enemy artillery but the something that dwells in the trenches.THE ALAMO INCIDENT FROM THE CHRONICLES OF TIMAEUS SHIELDS by Sean Eads The west is wild in ways than one in this creepy historical horror.THE BUTCHER OF GAD STREET by Stephen T Vessels Rioting in the streets kickstarts an epic footchase between a gentle giant who questions his identity and a demon responsible for most of the worlds hate.QUEEN OF THERMODYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM by Josh Vogt Against the rusty remnants of intergalactic warfare, a necro tourist plans to bring a little sweet death to the universe.COMPARTMENTAL by Jay Caselberg Could the fabric of reality be so thin, so delicate that just a push could send you to the other side If so, what lies there THIS IS NOT A HORROR STORY by Tim Waggoner One woman s visit to the DMV turns gore soaked and nightmarish.SUNRISE by Tony Knighton Follow a fathers desperate attempt to keep his ailing son alive in a viciously inhospitable world.Every story is unique Every story is upsetting and disconcerting and where there may be a welcome hit of morality living within the horror, it is always subtly applied by the great authors that fill this book So whether you like your sci fi set a million miles away amongst the stars or closer to home, there is sure to be at least a couple of stories here worthy of your attention Superb.Thank you for reading.

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    I bought EQULIBRIUM OVERTURNED because I wanted to read the short story No Man s Land by Roger Jackson Like the other short fiction penned by Jackson, this tale is beautifully descriptive and terrifically creepy at the same time Few people have the ability to paint with words, but that s exactly what I felt I was reading as I devoured this piece of writing I pride myself in being clever enough to figure out the twist before it s revealed Jackson s vivid storytelling paired with his visceral imagination proved that some things cannot be predicted Not only was that tale alone worthy of the purchase, but several other selections in the collection also caught my eye As a life long lover of horror and a ridiculously busy person, this book touts everything I love to read in small, manageable portions While none of the stories were flops, these two were fantastic, remained in my head long after I finished reading them, and made me want to see what else the authors have created Amnion by John Everson is a provocative twist on the age old dangerous liaison between a professor and his student I loved the contrasting points of view in this story the bitter wife who is so certain of her husband s infidelity that she plans the perfect revenge vs the student volunteer who s only motivation is to become a true redhead at nearly any cost The science fiction slant to this horrific tale was also a big plus for me, but what sealed the deal was the way Everson came full circle with the simple idea of blonds have fun, resolving it in a completely unexpected way Martial Law by J.G Faherty is not your typical zombie story In this version, only former military personnel would rise from the dead to fight Faherty s descriptions and use of first person one of the difficult point of views to create convincingly make you feel like you re experiencing the action I don t want to give anything away, but the ending continues to haunt me.If you are a horror enthusiast, or want to give the genre a try, pick up a copy of this book Five stars for the collection, and an additional high five for the stand outs mentioned above.

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    Equilibrium Overturned is another fine release from Gray Matters Press The opening story The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder sets the perfect tone for this book This story really turns you upside down, followed by Amnion which is a fantastic tale of the search for the fountain of youth Martial Law is chilling tale with a great twist to the usual Zombie fare One of my favorites is Through the Ghostlands by Rose Blackthorn She paints a chilling and bleak landscape and writes a great story The Collected Sylvia, Volumes 1 to 1388 is really unique and fun These five stories comprise the first third of Equilibrium Overturned and set the book off to an incredible start.The final three stories Compartmental, This is Not a Horror Story and Sunrise are also on my list of favorites and are fantastic Compartmental is a real mind twist like the opening story This is Not a Horror Story is a great and fun tale of a girl at the DMV, you need to read this to understand why The final story Sunrise is a great choice to complete this latest collection, it s a nail bitter and very tense I have read all the fine books put out by Gray Matters Press, they are all great reads each with a different twist or angle on horror This I think this may be the best of them all and these authors have done a excellent job with their contributions If you re not familiar with Gray Matters Press and their fine collections this is an excellent place to start.

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    I have not reviewed an anthology for a while, so I figured I would try Grey Matter s new book Equilibrium Overturned, which is edited by Bram Stoker Award Nominated Editors Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson The novel contains 14 short horror tales I will state right out front that these authors were striving to bring the reader unique and inventive stories, than to purely scare them These days it gets harder and harder to give new twists to a well used genre, but these authors all gave it a shot and pulled it off well.Read at SFReader.com Equilibrium Overturned The Heart of Darkness Awaits, edited by Anthony Rivera