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  • ebook
  • 190 pages
  • Wedding Belle Blues
  • Mia Epsilon
  • English
  • 19 January 2018

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    Anna s engaged, which is great news to everyone except her best friend Robin, who has been pining for her for years How will his attempts to sabotage effect his and Anna s friendship This was a quick read for me, but it was a fun one too It reminded me of how horrible things could go in wedding planning Oddly enough, right now I am helping plan a small destination wedding for my sister, so this book did hit home a bit Luckily, my sister s future mother in law is nowhere near as crazy and domineering as Doug s mother is.Mia Epsilon really did a great job with this novel It was funny, quirky, and pulled at your heartstrings There was plenty of romance, but the characters didn t just float through the story I thought that the backstory of Anna and Robin was particularly great The thought of a friend so great that they not only stayed with you all through college but actually got a teaching job at the same school, in the same hall as you I wish Epsilon were writing my life story.While it was a great book, I did have two small issues with ...

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    I purchased this free ebook from but not for an honest opinion, it was just FREE The summary of the book sounded very interesting and I thought we have a three day weekend, I ll give it a try Now I can see why it was free I didn t realize the book was part of a series, Weddings by C C , so after reading it, the others in the series sounded much like my speed including some suspense For me, the heroine is the problem, Anna is our bride to be and is engaged to a medical student Doug I can t understand all the 4 5 stars on Goodreads for this book This is the weakness heroine I have read in years and she pretty much is a doormat to everyone except her BFF and college roommate Robin I had to put the book down several times because I was pissed off and yelling at the book I couldn t wait to finish it up I love strong heroines i.e smart, capable, caring, etc but this one was just too unbelievable and in denial Then instead of the two main...

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    2.5 stars.Recommended only for fans of Dr Who, name dropping, and VERY long and painfully drawn out conversations.The main couple only gets a few pages where they are together and there is a lot of time spent in their heads They do n...

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    This book made me cry and laugh at the same time My daughter looked at me and said Mommy, you sad Why you crying I told her, No, these are happy tears, baby The characters were real and believable They made me want them to be together and I could feel the attraction...

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    I knew the moment I bought this book, it would be great But when I read it, I was blown away I was hooked from page one and literally did not want to put it down I loved everything about this book I felt what the characters felt It was l...

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    I knew the moment I bought this book, it would be great But when I read it, I was blown away I was hooked from page one and literally did not want to put it down I loved everything about this book I felt what the characters felt It was like I was right there in the story I especially love...

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    I absolutely loved this book It s been a while that something captured my attention so thoroughly.

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    GreatAnna is engaged to a prestigious Doctor and what turns out to be a really bitchy future mother in law, who must have complete control Her fiance Doug, does everything his mother tells him to do, and tells her to do the same.Anna s friend Robin has been in her life for a while, she hasn t a clue how he feels.What do they say, Love is Blind.Robin sticks by her through all her...

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    What a great storyAnna is newly engaged and her mother in law to be is making all the arrangements for the wedding already Plus she is ignoring Anna s wishes and all her fianc can say is Let mother handle it Standing ...

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    Wedding Belle BluesI don t like bridal romances, but I love friends to lovers romances I lived that, so that is why I chose this book I really enjoyed it,although, the Bride was an irritating idiot most of the time I like the author well enough to read of her books.

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Wedding Belle Bluescharacters Wedding Belle Blues, audiobook Wedding Belle Blues, files book Wedding Belle Blues, today Wedding Belle Blues, Wedding Belle Blues 10a41 Anna Is Planning The Perfect Wedding, But She Doesn T Anticipate Her Future Mother In Law S Offer Of Help Which Translates Into Take Over Her Groom To Be Avoids Her And Insists Their Growing Problems Are Just Bridal Nerves Worst Of All, Her Best Friend, Robin, Begins To Act Strange Everyone Around Her Has His Or Her Own Agenda What S A Girl To Do When She Begins To Realize The Perfect Life She Envisioned Is All A Lie Robin Has Two Great Loves In His Life His Best Friend Anna And His Motorcycle Not One To Make A Scene, He Supports Anna In Her Plan To Marry The Wrong Man And Regrets She Can T Accept His Dare Devil Lifestyle But When Push Comes To Shove, He S Than Willing To Make The Necessary Sacrifice And Prove He Is The Man She NeedsAs The Wedding Date Nears And Plans Shift Into High Gear, Robin And Anna Grow Closer And Not Just As Friends Each Must Decide What The Perfect Life Truly Means While Trying To Negotiate The Maze Of Wedding Plans, Secrets, And Hidden Motives Will Someone Be Left Singing The Blues

About the Author: Mia Epsilon

Mia Epsilon likes to think of herself as a cross between The Doctor Who companions Donna and Amy She has Donna s blunt manner of speaking and big gooey heart coupled with Amy s enduring curiosity and belief in one true love And of course, she s also a red head Story ideas tend to come from real life incidents, although Mia hasn t quite been able to bring herself to curse a heroine with setting