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    Good and short presentation of Arminian theology.

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    Overall a good book The author presents the Calvinist view, then the Arminian view, then explains why the Calvinist view is incorrect The only problem with this approach is that a Calvinist does not have the opportunity to explain why the Arminian view is incorrect I generally lean to the Arminian side, so I would mostly agree with Mr Picirilli s writing However, he does make a number of assumptions, especially about the book of Hebrews, that I believe leads him down the wrong path in believing that a Christian could lose salvation He pretty passes over the eternal security view by simply dismissing the verses that teach eternal security and one gets the impression that he looks down on those who hold this position The problem is that the position is very similar to the Calvinist view of perseverance and he never fully refutes it.A couple important take aways 1 Jacob Arminius and the original remonstrants wer...

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    I read this and Salvation by Grace by Matthew Barrett at the same time It s a contrast Picirilli argues Arminianism just as well as Barrett does for Calvinism Each school has strengths and weaknesses, and Picirilli introduced a surprising strength His take on the warning passages of 2 Peter and Hebrews rocked me I thought I had them figured out, but Picirilli has prompted a new investigation He also made an outstanding case for salvation conditioned upon faith Excellent book.Notes 1 Robert Picirilli s part whole argument about the scope of election leaves quite a bit to be desired 2 Personal note perhaps a better way of understanding previenient grace is middle knowledge Since God knows the counter factual of what would persuade me outside my sinful nature, he can call me according to the faith I would have under those conditions 3 It s ironic that calvinists read Acts 16 14 as proof of effectual calling, Picirilli uses it as proof of previenient grace The t...

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    Dr Picirilli fairly and objectively states tje positions of Calvinism and Arminianism and then presents the case for why he believes Arminianism is a biblical view

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Grace Faith Free Will download Grace Faith Free Will , read online Grace Faith Free Will , kindle ebook Grace Faith Free Will , Grace Faith Free Will 0f0260bd1afb Robert Picirilli Renews The Discussion Of Issues That Have Divided Calvinism And Arminianism Since The Reformation Jacobus Arminius, A Dutch Theologian Of The 16th Century, Contested The Dominant Theological Ideas Advanced By The Well Known Protestant Reformer John Calvin And His Disciples Historically, Arminius Has Been Frequently Misunderstood And Often Reinterpreted By Friend And Foe Alike Even Today, One Who Calls Himself Arminian Does So With Considerable Risk, As The Name Means Different Things To Different People And Comes In Various Flavors Though He Presents Both Classic Calvinism And Arminianism In Order To Help Readers Intelligently Decide For Themselves, Dr Picirilli Unashamedly Advocates A Very Specific Form Of Arminianism As The Best Resolution Of The Tensions Between The Two Doctrinal Postions In What He Calls Reformation Arminianism, Picirilli Reclaims The Original Views Of Arminius And His Defenders This Is An Arminianism That Defends Total Depravity, The Sovereignty Of God To Control All Things For The Certain Accomplishment Of His Will, God S Perfect Foreknowledge Of, And The Certainty Of, All Future Events Including The Free, Moral Choices Of Human Beings, The Penal Satisfaction View Of The Atonement, Salvaiton By Grace Through Faith And Not By Works, From Beginning To End, An Apostasy That Cannot Be Remedied.