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    I simply loved it I loved everything about it Once I started, I couldn t stop.I felt so bad for Lacey Other than her twins, it seems she got the short end of the stick, but I m a sucker for happy endings, so at least she got that.This was a fantastic story, and I absolutely fell in love with th...

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    Lacey Carlyle has trouble than she can shoulder when the farm she has built into a viable business is bought for development Desperate, she wants the new owner to consider selling to her only he s Alex Benson, who abandoned her thirteen years ago Alex wants revenge for Lacey s betrayal He s never gotten over her and hopes forcing her into a short term marriage will free him from his past hurt She never answered his letters and when he was badly injured in an explosion she ignored his plight.The biggest problem is each still ...

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    This was a wonderful romantic story This was truly a surprise hit for me I loved how strong Lacey was portrayed in the story And I really like how Alex was not your typical hot man but instead a man that had h...

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    Such a sweet story

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    Is a great book to read

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    I simply could not put this book down It is a beautifully written love story of reuniting with your one true love Lacey is a hard working, independent single mom who is raising her twins to be the same hard working and independent She is trying desperately to hold on to her farm which is her lively hood and her sense of belonging Alex is a wealthy land developer who has recently purchased the land Lacey is working with revenge on his mind He sets out to hurt Lacey as badly as she hurt him years ago However, after his first visit to the farm he realizes he wants her for keeps.The story line is classic lovers kept apart by their families but this book is so much because of the complexity of the characters There were points in the book that I ached because of the pain and loneliness these characters faced Even the children, Jenna and Jerrod, faced loneliness and los...

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    If you re looking for a light funny read with no sexual heat than this book is for you I didn t realize at first that this book wouldn t go into details about the sexy times but by the time I figured it out, I liked the story I especially enjoyed that the children were not all cutesy but could be bratty but not over the top with it Out of the twins, Jerrod was a total hoot with his snarkiness I loved his smart ass mouth, he should get his own book Another plus for me was the antagonistic relationship between father and son It was hilarious how they interacted initially with wariness and insults towards one another One minor negative was the heroine when she continued to hide t...

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    Lacey is strong and works hard Alex is a wealthy developer They were lovers when they were younger He joined the Navy and left His family kept Lacey from him and Lacey s family did the same Now 13 years later they meet over a land deal Lacey has 12 year ...

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    I really liked the story line The plot was well done Will love reading by this author in the future.

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    Sweet read has an HEA but BORING

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Twice the Trouble download Twice the Trouble , read online Twice the Trouble , kindle ebook Twice the Trouble , Twice the Trouble 7953ca088217 Lacey Carlyle Has Worked For Years To Create The Perfect Blend Of Home, Business And Family Now She Risks Losing Everything When The Land She Farms Is Bought By The Man Who Abandoned Her Thirteen Years Ago.Alex Has Never Understood Why Lacey Walked Away From Him Now, He Holds The Deed To Her Farm And Intends To Make Her Pay The Only Problem Two Kids Weren T Part Of The Plan Jenna And Jarrod May Not See Eye To Eye But They Are Both Determined To Find Happiness For Their Mom And Keep Their Home Safe Can Lacey And Alex Put Their Pasts Behind Them And Embrace A Future Together