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The Moving Finger explained The Moving Finger, review The Moving Finger, trailer The Moving Finger, box office The Moving Finger, analysis The Moving Finger, The Moving Finger 7461 The Placid Village Of Lymstock Seems The Perfect Place For Jerry Burton To Recuperate From His Accident Under The Care Of His Sister, Joanna But Soon A Series Of Vicious Poison Pen Letters Destroys The Village S Quiet Charm, Eventually Causing One Recipient To Commit Suicide The Vicar, The Doctor, The Servants All Are On The Verge Of Accusing One Another When Help Arrives From An Unexpected Quarter The Vicar S Houseguest Happens To Be None Other Than Jane Marple

  • Paperback
  • 299 pages
  • The Moving Finger
  • Agatha Christie
  • English
  • 06 February 2017
  • 9780007120840

About the Author: Agatha Christie

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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    There is too much tendency to attribute to God the evils that man does of his own free will I must concede you the Devil God doesn t really need to punish us, Miss Barton We re so busy punishing ourselves Summer and winter are begging for an Agatha Christie masterpiece Well, any season is fine, really, but extreme heat and extreme cold make most us seek a nice, cozy atmosphere, a good mystery and what Agatha mystery isn t good and the lovely Miss Marple Every July and August I re read Miss Marple s adventures and I usually reserve winter for lovely Hercule In any case, The Moving Finger is one my most favourite Marple mysteries The gossiping community, the theme of self harm, the position of the girl that fits nowhere, the uncompromising socialite with a heart of goldThis is a very particular mystery among Jane s escapades because it is populated with very interesting, complex character...

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    The Moving Finger writes and, having writ,Moves on nor all thy Piety nor WitShall lure it back to cancel half a Line,Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it verse 51 of Edward FitzGerald s translation of the Rub iy t by Omar Khayy m It s rather like Happy Families, isn t it Mrs Legal, the lawyer s wife, Miss Dose, the doctor s daughter, etc So sweet and funny and old world You just can t think of anything nasty happening here, can you But nasty things do happen even in such an innocuous place as the village of Lymstock, where Jerry Burton moves with his sister to convalesce from war inflicted wounds At the beginning both Jerry and Joanna are charmed with life in the country getting neighbourly, making calls, trying to blend in It is cozy and idyllic and then it turns out that a vicious poison pen is at large Anonymous, defamatory letters are...

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    The Moving Finger Miss Marple 4 , original publication year 1942Characters Miss Jane Marple, Jerry Burton, Joanna Burton, Megan Hunter, Aim e Griffith, Owen Griffith, Richard Symmington, Elsie Holland, Agnes Woddell, Mrs Dane Calthrop, Emily Barton, Mr Pye.Abstract Jerry Burton, wounded pilot narrator, recuperates in quiet Lymstock with loyal fashionable sister Joanna, until vicious letters spread suspicion, then death Mrs Symmington is not the type to panic, but drinks cyanide and leaves two boys in the care of buxom blonde governess Elsie Her daughter Megan intrigues Jerry, while shy Dr Griffith asks Joanna to help deliver a newborn Eccentric vicar s wife Mrs Calthrop invites sweet old Miss Jan...

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    Not a favorite by any means, The Moving Finger is a good, tidy mystery, but our Miss Marple is not part of the story until the very end I have read quite a few Christie mysteries, stand alone stories, a few Poirrot, a few Tommy and Tuppence, but mostly Miss Marple She is my fav...

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    Mi a pl cut n via a fiec ruia exist capitole ascunse care, sper m noi, nu vor fi dezv luite vreodat C t de multe tim la un moment dat Mult mai mult sau, cel pu in, a a consider dec t credem c tim Dar nu putem ajunge la acele cuno tin e ascunse Sunt acolo, dar nu le putem atinge.

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    Ehsan Shokraei

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    A curious Miss Marple tale not least because of favourite elderly sleuth only has a minor role in this novel.I think I would have enjoyed this one if I wasn t aware that Christie s other famous detective featured and her appearance would have come as a great surprise.The mystery itself instantly grabbed me as siblings Jerry and Joanna Burton arrive in the quite village of Lymstock only to find a series of anonymous letters spreading false accusations, including themselves with a letter stating that the brother and sister are really loversIt all comes to a head when Mrs Symmington body is found alongside a letter and poison, an inquest instantly rule the death as suicide.The idea of a poison pen letter is a great one and easily casts everyone as a suspect The air of suspicion not least with the g...

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    Lymstock is the quintessential definition of the peaceful English countryside just ask any of its inhabitants Everything is so utterly uneventful here, that one might be tempted to attribute its inhabitants main cause of death to boredom, rather than old age In other words the perfect place for Jerry Burton s rehabilitation needs Doctor s orders So when the first libel induced suicide happens, our hero is obviously first in line to flex his sleuthing muscles In true Agatha Christie fashion, we get one heck of a convoluted story, without too much action, but enough mystery to twist around even the most logical of us Or is it just me, who s never able to guess the criminal I especially enjoyed the grand reveal, when it turned out that I had never even suspected the culprit Now that s what good murder mysteries are made of.Yet with all its well crafted mysteries, wild speculation, and half way decent romantic subplots, my overall impression was still that of disappointment This was supposed to be a Miss Marple novel So why doesn t the lovable old lady make its appearance until the 80% mark Yes that s correct EIGHTY.EFFING.PERCENT Score 3 5 starsObjectively speaking, there s nothing too egregiously wrong here Except for the sudden flowery turn towards the end, but I m willing to give it a pass I have to, after finding myself shedding a tear or two at one point.As much...

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    Another Agatha Christie to pass the time Mmmmm Delicious Only I do have the same complaint I had with another of her books that was listed as a Miss Marple Mystery Jane Marple doesn t appear until the last 1 4 of the book and then she s just a cute little old lady who says a few words at the end That doesn t count as a Miss Marple mystery for me I much prefer it when Miss Marple is the one solving the crime firsthand The short stories featuring her are the way to go, I m figuring out Which isn t to say that I disliked this book I DID like it, once I got over my disappointment that no elderly spinsters were going to appear and kick butt and take names The main characters in this story are Jerry and Joanna, a clever, funny brother and sister pair who come to the small village of Lymstock so Jerry can recover from some unnamed accident Then people start getting mean anonymous letters, a few bodies turn up, and Jerry gets involved trying to help I like...

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