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[KINDLE] ❅ Roman Myths Author Jane F. Gardner – Dcrjservices.co.uk chapter 1 Roman Myths, meaning Roman Myths, genre Roman Myths, book cover Roman Myths, flies Roman Myths, Roman Myths 66463f10c71dd The Myths Of The Romans Are Rather Different From Those Of Other Ancient Cultures, Such As The Greeks Or The Egyptians Most Roman Myths Do Not Consist Of Stories About The Gods And Their Actions, Nor Were They Presented As Fictional, Magic Stories Ancient Writers Such As Livy, Virgil, And Ovid Treated Myths As History The History Of Rome Itself, Of Its Rituals And Religious Practices, And Of Important, Noble Roman Families Myths Were Valued As Exempla Illustrations Of Moral Truths.Many Myths Centered Around The Founding Of The City Of Rome, Such As Those Of Aeneas, Romulus And Remus, And The Largely Imaginary Seven Kings Others Provided Models Of Virtuous Behavior By Citizens Or Added Luster To Family Histories The Protagonists Were Often Male, But Sometimes Female Lucretia, Who Killed Herself To Expunge The Shame Of Being Raped And Helped Precipitate The Founding Of The Roman Republic, Was A Heroine Who Has Exercised A Particular Fascination On Later Writers And Artists Still Other Myths Grew Up Around Particular Deities Mostly Greek Who Were Taken Into The Roman Pantheon At Different Times Or Provided Historical Explanations For Cult Activities Or Festivals Such As Lupercalia.

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    With 80 pages including the index, this book provides a brief overview of Roman myths and legends Though I love reading about the ancient world, I have never focused upon the Roman world s stories, so I did quite enjoy this book However, I think that for anyone better versed in the stories and traditions, they might want to read a book that goes into depth and looks at the ancient sources.

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    Ce petit livre n est pas ce quoi je m attendais J aurais voulu lire des histoires et des l gendessur l histoire de Rome bref quelque chose de grand public.Au lieu de a, j ai lu une analyse d universitaire qui discute du pourquoi des multiples variantes de chaque mythe On saute d une poque une autre au paragraphe suivant, il faut suivre Le chapitre d introduction est tr s confus, rebutant.Veuillez chez lecteur r viser pr alablement avec Wikipedia Le style ou la traduction n est pas de bonne facture M me si quelques histoires sont tr s int ressantes, le livre est loin de m avoir s duit Dommage.

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    This is a very short overview of the important stand alone Roman myths which may be comprehensive, since they largely relied on the Greek myths If you want a concise summary, this is for you.

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    Interesting material Well written with great details.

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    Very informative and lively written Actually enjoyed reading this for my comparative mythology class

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    Bof moyenc est assez insipide en fait et en guise de pr sentation on a plut t un texte d rudit.

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    A pretty good book for those interested in Roman myths, especially as distinct from Greek myths.

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    A good first primer, slightly tongue in cheek.