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Jealous And Freakn' summary Jealous And Freakn', series Jealous And Freakn', book Jealous And Freakn', pdf Jealous And Freakn', Jealous And Freakn' 9be61bc665 Francine S Loved Mitchell, A Wolf Like Herself, Since She First Set Eyes On Him Back When They Were Just Kids However, Mitchell S Never Seen Her As Than Another Annoying Sister Determined To Make Him Realize She S All Grown Up, She Enlists The Aide Of Alejandro, A Gorgeous Cat Shifter She Never Counted On Wanting Them Both.Alejandro Knows Francine Is Special From The First Moment He Meets The Fiery Plump Wolf, Which Is Why He Suggests She Use Him To Make Mitchell Jealous A Great Plan, Especially If It Means Getting To Kiss Those Luscious Lips One Taste Though, And He S Addicted, But How Does He Make Her See Past The Man She Loves To Realize She S Also Meant To Be His Mate.For A Long Time Now Mitchell S Been Running From Francine, Certain She S Mistaken That Their Destiny S Lie Together However, The Little Girl He Remembers Is All Grown Up, And When He Sees Her In The Arms Of Another, A Need To Claim Her Overrides All His Common Sense But, He S Waited Too Long And Fate Has Decided That He S Going To Have To Share Can He Bend Enough To Accept Francine And Another Man, Or Will His Jealousy Keep Him Freakn

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    So how much do I luuuurve Eve s books Enough not to beat Mitchell over the head with a cast iron skillet and he deserved it We started off with Naomi s baby shower which just tickled me to no end because she is one of my all time favorite heroines I love keeping touch with all my old friends from previous books It s here we discover that Mitchell is intent on being a tool We also discover how incredibly luscious that Javier s brother Alejandro is Grrrrr Here kitty, kitty..The humor, unparalleled snark and mind blowing erotica are all in full force in Jealous and Freakin I could somewhat understand Mitchell s initial MAN reaction Mate Ahhhh, run, run like the wind And if said mate is your sister s best friend whom you watched grow up Ahhhh, run faster But once you start experiencing insane jealousy and throwing wood every five minutes, it s time to concede the battle Mitchell fought his feelings harder than Pat Robertson at a gay rights rally I was totally in love with Alejandro though I do adore a man who doesn t mind sharing Although he had a couple of MAN moments at the thought of a mate Really boys, it s biology Francine rocked throughout the whole book She did her thing and let the testosterone carriers handle their own baggage I m glad everything was worked out to everyone s satisfaction pun intended You couldn t find a fun read or a better gift for that hard to buy for friend than this spicy little book It s guaranteed to take your mind off the cold.

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    In this sequel to Delicate Freakn Flower by the awesomest Eve Langlais We follow Francine.best friend to Naomi Every since she was a child, she knew Mitchell Naomi s brother was her mate But he s always seen her as a sister Even when she developed into a teenager and then an adult he s avoided Francine like the plauge Then she runs into the goregous cat shifter Alejandro and her wolf recognizes him as her mate as well Alejandro is brother to Javier one of Naomi s mates and prides himself as being a playboy He loves womenepecially taken women He s on the run from some crazy hunter who found out that he slept with his daughter But when he runs into Francine he forgets everything and wants nothing than to claim her His beast recognizes her as his mate Desperate to see her happy, he proposes that he and Francine pretend to be a couple to make Micthell jealous so he will recognize his feelings for her are in no way sisterly But a game of pretend has them both wonderingis this real Is Mitchell really her mate And if sowill Micthell stop being such a stubborn ASS and admit his feelings for FrancineOne of my favorite scenes from this book was definitely the fake kiss in front of her job.Lightning struck, leaving him dazed, but even in his befuddled state, which had his cat yeowling, he remembered how to move his mouth against hers To grasp her lower lip between his and suck on it until she panted A sane man would have broken off the kiss at that point, but unfortunately all reason seemed to have fled him He didn t stop, instead, he pressed his hard thigh against her core, which straddled him, and licked the seam of her mouth, tasting her Need her Need to claim her Fuck her Mark her Oh shit. Before he could bend her over and take her, damn anybody watching, he released her, and she stumbled back God, she looked so beautiful with her face flushed, lips swollen, and he could hear her heart pounding even over her huffing breath He wanted to drag her back to him Kiss her again Take her somewhere and make love to her until her nails raked his back and she begged him to mark her To keep her forever I am in so much fucking trouble. See you in a little while, he managed to say through his growing panic It killed him to ignore the disappointment that clouded her expression along with the confusion and lust, lust for him, not Mitchell Straightening her spine, she threw him a feeble smile Well, that wasn t so bad At least I don t want to throw up like I did with Ken a few years back Of course, in his defense, I d downed a lot of Sex On The Beach shooters But next time, mind groping me a little No one s ever going to believe we re madly passionate about each other with your hands not even grabbing my ass I mean, seriously You ll have to do better I swear Francine was sooo wrong for that oneshe was definitely feeling that kiss But her unwillingness to seem vulnerable and easy she decided to bust his balls instead I thought it was funny as hell I love love loved this one Francine was almost as foul mouthed as Naomiand it was awesome There were a lot of things that pissed me off with Mitchell He was soooo stubborn He really avoided Francine as much as he could I meanthis fucker made an art out of, how to allude a horny she wolfLOL He was such an ass To me, when he first realized that he wanted Francine and they decided to give it a shothe just got worse And it was unfair of him to try and make Francine choose But in the end they got it togethr..thank GOD Alejandro.he was utterly delicous Devious, sexy and all Alpha Just how I like em..LOL Once again, Eve has a winner here All of her books are tons of fun and sexy as hell Can t wait to read Already Freakn Mated..I know it will be awesome as well

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    Huuummm, this was one of those times when a fated mate mating bond did NOT seem like such a good idea, because Mitchell was an ASS I had zero sympathy for the guy, and Francine would have been much better off with just Alejandro The cat ruled this one, both in term of seductive quality and in the humor flirting department I ll bring some Chinese for dinner That is if the cat shifter here isn t afraid one of his relatives is part of the menu Mitchell flashed a grin full of teeth that made Alejandro laugh as he shrugged off the implied insult Cats are never averse to eating pussy, he replied See what I mean Kudos to Eve for the pet name Red, though Even though it was Red doing the chasing and not the big bad cowardly, cough, cough wolf 2016 A Z Reading Challenge letter J

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    You know how when a girl has two awesome men to choose from and even us as readers have such a hard time trying to decide who we like Well Eve Langlais loves us and doesn t make us make such a tough decision, she gives us them both Francine has known Mitchell was her mate since childhood, and has chased him since But Mitchell refuses to see her as anything then a sister since she is his sisters best friend He starts going out of his way to avoid her Then in walks Jag and he takes notice to Francine and this awakens Mitchell s jealous side.I loved Jag and Francine together, he can definitely keep up with her banter Jag realized she was special from the moment he met her and they both have this instant connection He even goes out of his way to try and help her win Mitchell I was almost like Mitchell who But knowing how much Francine loved Mitchell he still held that special spot with me Mitchell finally sees what he is about to miss out on and comes to his senses, but now instead of getting her to himself he will have to share because Francine has met her other mate.Its not an easy 3 some love story Mitchell doesn t like sharing Jag will do whatever to make Francine happy and once Mitchell sees how hard it is on her, he does what he can to make her happy I loved Jealous and Freakn It was insanely hot, had such a sweet romance and there were a lot of things for the three of them to over come Eve Langlais always knows how to deliver some awesome sexin This story kept me glued to it and I finished it one sitting Definitely book porn shelf ability worthy Giveaway going on now on blog.

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    Langlais story is both sinfully hot and absolutely hilarious without ever being ridiculously over the top The plot comes to life full of danger and suspense but also with romance and chemistry The world is developed in such a manner that it s easy to immerse yourself into while falling in love with the characters that Langlais develops The dynamic between Francine and Naomi was hilarious I love how solid their friendship was But it was definitely topped by the intricate yet difficult dynamic between Francine, Alejandro, and Mitchell This m nage was interesting to read about, especially because of Mitchell He s unruly and impossible to reason with for reasons that even he can t explain All the while Francine Alejandro are trying to make everything so much easier I love how Langlais can make me laugh while also making me fall in love with her fantastic characters This is definitely a one of a kind novel.

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    This book was awesome I love this series There was a lot of Naomi in this book And of course Ethan and Javier with their only purpose in life is to make her feel like a Delicate Freakin Flower She is so funny though Her BFF Francine is anything but a Delicate Freakin Flower, but she s not a hard and overConfident girl either She is a perfectly normal Wolf shifter She grows up as a BFF with Naomi, so of course she knows everything about her family life She has known that Naomi s Older brother Mitchell was her mate since she was 10 years old, but Mitchell didn t acknowledge her claims Since they grew up together, all his feelings of protection seemed to blur together as nothing than being like a little sister.We start off with Francine s car breaking down on the way to Naomi s baby shower she could shift into her wolf, but then carryingThe baby shower gift was going to be a little hard, so what to do When out of nowhere she hears the purr of a motorcycle approaching It pulls over There is no way she d be able to carry the gift while Riding on that thing Without seeing any other choice, she took his offer to have him balance the gift with her holding onto his waist And the Innuendos begin. Are you sure I ll fit She owned panties with crotch room than that bike offered just hold on tight, baby, and I ll do the rest That was when her inner canine wanted to sniff the stranger up and down and follow it up with a lick. that was strange, her wolf only acted like that when Mitchell was around Besides, she s already got her mate. well kind of Once Mitchell acknowledges her as his mate, she ll be taken, so what s got her wolf all excited about this stranger Looking out the window, Mitchell is anxiously waiting for Francine to show up Not because he s interested in her of course, but because he needs the head start out the back door Francine hadBeen chasing Mitchell since he could remember Knocking him down and pinning him down, trying to get him to admit she was his mate But she like a sister to him That s Pretty gross After high school, Mitchell went his own way and avoided Francine He knew things wouldn t change, so what happened when he saw her pull up on the back of a motorcycle, huggingAnother man She didn t look like a little kid with pigtails and braces any.Mitchell stalks down to Francine and demands she tell him what she s doing with this cat whatever happened to Hi Francine Or How s it going Francine Annoyed that she would ride around on a motorcycle without a helmet with her new boyfriend he s not my boyfriend, Although, if he were, what we did together would be no one of your business and might I add, we d do some very INTERESTING things The Tanned biker said And the fists started flying I loved how Naomi came out of the house to see why Javier s younger brother Alejandro and her stupid brother were fighting in her front yard, and just casually striking up a conversationWith Francine Ethan, they re going to crush my pretty flowers Naomi barked , just as Ethan grabbed the fighter s by the arm and yanked them apart Sigh I still love Ethan The Big hugs Kodiak Teddy Bear OK so back to the story, We now met Alejandro, who seems to stir up emotions in Francine, as well as jealousy in Mitchell, So when after Mitchell stalks off and everyone else resumes to the shower,Francine is a mix of emotions And so is her wolf When she leaves with Alejandro to go home, Mitchell is waiting for them Since he was acting like an idiot, Francine decided to go home with Alejandro instead of Mitchell Mitchell went burzerk againAnd Francine announced she had offered her couch to Alejandro, so it only made sense that he take her home. and they left At Francine s apartment, Alejandro comes in for a beer, not really expecting to sleep over, their innuendo s get stronger and stronger, and funnier and funnier Alejandro had noticed that Mitchell was acting out of jealousy than big brotherly type, so he offered himself up to Francine to try to get Mitchell to notice her .With the help of him being her new boyfriend And what do you get out of this A Place to stay, A chance to needle my brother, among others And in the pursuit of our answer to Mitchell s affection, make out time with a hot redhead So everyone wins, right This was a cute story , I personally didn t love Mitchell, I think he was too stubborn, Maybe if we had some flashbacks or something from them growing up, or something, about their childhoodTogether I just wasn t feeling the WHY she was so headstrong over Mitchell Sure her wolf went crazy whenever he was around, but I don t know I do love Alejandro though He s so hot, and sexy, and funny WOW I love how quick witted these two are But Alejandro is a Seducer of women Lover with excellent techniques, Good looking, and He won t make a promise to a women, and he doesn t stick around very long afterwards.But when his inner cat tries to claw it s way out whenever Francine was around, he was starting to re think his ways There was great action, tender love, and lots of sweaty hot sex Awesome story

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    What The Hell The first book was so sweet and enjoyable Strong heroine, sweet guys.This book is the opposite Heroine was kind of annoying Loud, brash crass AND she was a doormat Francine is a werewolf who has known her best friend s brother also a werewolf Mitchell is her mate since they were kids AND since they were kids, Mitchell has done everything to avoid her and deny he is her mate.I can t recall if the book ever mentions Francine s age, but I think she is mid late 20 s So through out their teens, Francine has been pining for Mitchell, begging him to claim love her and he s done everything to get away from her and avoid her, especially for the past 5 years.I realize they are werewolves and in this world , a mate is something that can t be changedbut to me, Mitchell s behavior doesn t deserve begging and love sigh Francine runs into Alejandro going to her best friend s baby shower Alejandro recognizes Francine as his mate and she is strongly attracted to him Alejandro only EVER wants to make Francine happy and love her, even if it means sharing her with Mitchell.Mitchell, on the other hand continues pushing Francine away, but also becoming a jealous asshole He fights his attraction to Francine and says hurtful things Eventually Francine gets shot and her home vandalized by Mitchell s current skanky girlfriend Meanwhile, this whole time Francine is still hoping pining away for Mitchell while enjoying Alejandro s attention Even when Mitchell begins to come around, he s still got hangups about sharing Francine with Alejandro This causes Francine suffering that Mitchell of course, doesn t notice.You can see it s heading to a menage, but that Mitchell doesn t suffer really chapped my ass He s the first one that gets to mark Francine and his constant mantrums got old quick.Erotica, HEA, NOT Recommended.

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    This sizzling number is certifiably an entertaining read Francine has been waiting her Mitchell, her bff s brother, to recognize her as a mate However, he sees her as only a sister but with five years to pass by Francine is grown The image of her as his kid sister is long out dated and he can not believe the mating frenzy that hits him dead in the face Actually, come to find or read he actually had feelings for her prior but the mating bond was not as pressing and could be easily ignored I thoroughly enjoyed reading his jealous actions so much fun.Alejandro on the other hand is enjoyable right off the bat and does little to deny the bond calling, he encourages it Self proclaimed player and proud of it, has the mating frenzy bad to the bone His quick tongued innuendos is a perfect match for just as fiery, Francine Reading them battle it out with words is Eve s major success.Alejandro and Mitchell, differ one another well enough that there is no confusion as to who is who It also makes for a diversified story All in all, this installment is so lusty romance with a focus on the relationship verses ample world building conflict so if you are a romance fiend this is your read The entertainment quality earned the 5 stars rating.

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    Jealous and Freakin is the second book in the Freakin Shifters series by Ms Langlais Having read the first one, Delicate Freakin Flower, I would say that both can be read as a stand alone novel As you can see from the synopsis, this book does involve some menage scenes They were beautifully and tastefully written I liked the characters, especially Alejandro Once he figured out what he wanted, he went all in to get it for himself I like that in a man Mitchell, I will admit, had to grow on me I m also not sure I am convinced of the harmony between the trio in the end I liked the trio s relationship in the first book, The shifter world that Ms Langlais has set up is a great one I like the sense of community among the shifters and how they set up their environments I like the idea that they pretty much know instantly who their mate is that fate has set them up with, whether they chose to accept it or not I would like to know about the shifters and how they become who they are Like, what kind of animal would a wolf and a bear make Can a human be transformed Maybe in later booksThis is a great addition to the series and I look forward to the next book, Already Freakin Mated, coming in spring of 2012.

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    I usually love this authors stories, she generally manages to inject humour along with the sex scenes But this time I couldn t quite connect with all the characters except for Alejandro Mitchell was a complete repressed ass, there was never a proper explanation why he had always denied that Francine was his fated mate, the fact that she was best friends with his sister,and that was his reason didn t cut it for me Overall this was one of those stories that I found irritating.

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