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[Ebook] Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess By Robyn Donald – Dcrjservices.co.uk chapter 1 Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess, meaning Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess, genre Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess, book cover Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess, flies Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess, Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess 7fa4868941880 Claimed Billionaire Alex Matthews S Sights Are Set On Penniless Ice Princess Serina Of Montevel His Job Is To Keep Her Brother Under Surveillance, But It S Serina Who Has Caught Alex S Eye Taken Whisked To His Secluded Tropical Retreat, Serina Finds Her Outer Shell Of Royal Decorum Crumbling At The Power Of Alex S Presence Before The Impoverished Princess Realises, She S Drowning In Alex S Glacial Blue Eyes And Waking Up In His King Sized Bed Deceived She Thinks Alex Is Her Prince Charming, But Has He Led Her Astray Under False Pretences

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    He is watching her brother because he is involved in overthrow plot Kind of boring No tension Prince Charming, or a dark knight in disguise Billionaire Alex Matthews s sights are set on penniless ice Princess Serina of Montevel His job is to keep her brother under surveillance, but it s Serina who has caught Alex s eye Whisked to his secluded tropical retreat, Serina finds her outer shell of royal decorum crumbling at the power of Alex s presence Before the impoverished princess realizes, she s drowning in Alex s glacial blue eyes andwaking up in his king size bed She thinks Alex is her Prince Charming, but has he led her astray under false pretences

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    The romance in this Harlequin was so sweet I loved both Serina and Alex, and particularly enjoyed the surprise that this story is a continuation of the Gerd and Rosie romance from earlier in the year These series romances can be hit or miss, and this one was a solid hit for me.My only complaint no one read through the e book version before publishing Couldn t SOMEONE proof the book before publishing in candes cantWords like this split in to two lines incandescant was mis spelled 3x There was a typo of this variety words chunked up as actual words that should be all one word on literally every page, all because someone at Harlequin relied on spell check instead of actual proofer Most frustrating when the in is split from consistent because it changes the whole meaning of the sentence And at the pace I read these stories, I found myself having to re read many, many sentences because of the terrible proof reading Inexcusable when so many of us are willing to spend 4 to buy the book we deserve better.Just changed my rating from 4 to 3 just because of the bad proofing.

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    alex did not seem dat taken wid serina and had ulterior motives though he admitted in the end he had been besotted all along hard to believe der was also not much happening in the book they were in a secluded place and both confused about the other.

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    This book was pretty good I liked the characters, story line, and the emotions I enjoyed the way it played out and was pulled into the emotions that were expressed and the suspense towards the end I would read this again, but for passing time and not a serious page turning all nighter.

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    An OK story.

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    Miniseries Rescued by the Rich Man

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    Miniseries Rescued by the Rich Man

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    i actually liked this book by r donald better than some of her other recent offerings,but it is not up to par with her works of 20 30 years ago.